Bodybuilding Training Diary: A training diary is an important part of everyone’s training life


A training diary is an important part of the training life of every professional athlete. Of particular importance is the training diary in bodybuilding. Few people speak about keeping a diary, but it is he who is the key to long-term progress.

You may notice that few people come to your room with a notebook and write something there. In most cases, those who do without a diary just stomp on the spot year after year in terms of muscle growth. All this happens because without systematization, without a clear plan and without monitoring progress in bodybuilding, it does not happen.

The Dianabol 20 mg gives us a huge advantage, because you can see the whole picture of your workouts, your program. You simply cannot remember all these trifles without a diary. The main principle of muscle growth is constant in increasing the load – in principle, the progression of the loads. The training diary allows you to smoothly progress the load, which is the key to achieving the result as quickly as possible.

How to keep a training diary.

A training diary is an ordinary notebook or notepad. First you need to measure and record your chest, bicep, hip, waist, neck, lower leg, and forearm volumes. Weigh in and record your weight. This will be our starting point, we will periodically measure indicators again to track progress. Next, we outline the exercises and training plan every day for a month in advance. It will look approximately like this:



Barbell squats 8 times / 110 kg / 4 sets ​

Bending the legs on the simulator 8 times / 110 kg / 4 sets


block pull in front of you 8 times / 110 kg / 4 sets

draft rod in the slope 8 times / 110 kg / 3 sets of 8 times / 100 kg / 1 set


4×35 knee lift

climbs on an inclined bench 4×30

You can write down details of a past workout in a diary, for example – fatigue did not finish the last approach because I did not get enough sleep, did not eat before a workout, I ate very tight before a workout, and all that will help you analyze your result and draw up a program in the future.