Buyers Guide for Pearl Necklaces: All You Need to Know


While purchasing pearl necklaces, there are many things to consider. Length is the key element to focus on while purchasing a pearl necklace. Chokers are designed to emphasize the neckline. Another common neckline is the princess that hangs just below the collar bone.

If you want a bit dramatic look, try the matinee neckline. It perfectly hangs just above the blouse line to give you a decent and elegant appearance. If Mikimoto pearl necklace matinee does not satisfy you, go for the opera length. It is preferred for much formal occasions.

Checkout the grading scale before proceeding ahead

Next thing you need to check is the grading. Each jeweler can have their customized grading scale. The triple A grade would mean a mirror like luster, superior and blemish free pearl. Pearls that have slight blemishes and excellent luster will be given double A rating. Further two ratings are as follows:

  • A: it will have an ordinary luster and only slight blemishes
  • A+: it will have a decent luster followed by little blemishes

Beware of the imitations while purchasing pearls

The original pearls are quite expensive. This is a reason you could find various imitations available online. Hence you need to be pretty careful while purchasing the jewelry. There are many stores to purchase good quality and original pearls online as well as offline. Make sure that the manufacturers have not compromised on the quality.

Before purchasing the right jewelry, you must be clear with the following points:

  • Shape
  • Size
  • Color
  • Quality of the surface
  • Luster
  • Matching
  • Nacre quality


Features you need to check


While purchasing it, make sure that there is uniformity in the pearls. When it comes to color, some of the most common ones are white and rose. However, everyone has their preferences while choosing the color. You could experiment with different colors to add personal style statement. Further, you could choose a high luster and slight or no blemishes at all on the surface.

Once you are clear and comfortable with your requirement, it will become much simpler to make a well-informed decision.