Choosing a wardrobe for your bedroom: Balancing style and function!

Home Improvement

Majority of homes do not have extra space for a dressing room. Wardrobes are essentially a part of the bedroom, and in terms of utility, this does make sense, because everything can be stocked in an organized way and is accessible when required. Buying wardrobes for your existing bedroom can be confusing, and as the title says it all, you have to find a way to balance function and style. In this post, we are sharing some amazing tips on what it takes to find a wardrobe solution for your contemporary bedroom.

Start with space

How much space do you really have in the bedroom? For instance, if your bedroom is already cluttered, you cannot probably dedicate two walls for the wardrobe. Measurements must be taken accordingly. Don’t go for a wardrobe that’s either too big to too small for the space and your requirements.

Evaluate your choices

Wardrobes can be customized or tailored for your room, or you can choose the readymade options from a showroom. The latter is definitely cheaper for sure, but the choices in finish, styles are pretty limited, and more importantly, you cannot expect a custom solution. There are design services that can offer a wide range of wardrobes for different spaces, which can be installed at your home.

Consider your requirements

The size of the wardrobe depends on your space needs. For instance, if you are two people using a big room, a four or five-door large wardrobe can be an ideal solution. Some homeowners prefer to use most of their walls, so they go for floor-to-ceiling solutions, which cover up an entire wall. Storage is a matter of personal choice, but some extra cabinets and segments in a wardrobe never really hurt.

Style matters

Your wardrobe will become a consistent part of your bedroom, and therefore, it has to match the rest of the interiors. Make sure that you consider the finish and look of the wardrobe too. When you want an illusion of more space, go for wardrobes that have mirrors, which also gets away with the need for an additional dressing room. Dark natural wood finishes are quite in trend at the moment, but don’t shy away from experimenting.

Saving some space

If your bedroom doesn’t have enough space, you have to find storage solutions that can save some area. For example, you can go for wardrobes that have sliding doors. Some wardrobes also have many pull-out drawers, which are handy for storing your small stuff, so that the bedside table can be done away with.

Budget and more

Of course, the budget is always an important factor for doing the bedroom interiors, and you need to consider how much you can afford in the first place. Contemporary wardrobes for bedrooms, especially the modular ones, can be expensive, but these are ideal for extensive use and are more of an investment in the long run. Consider durability and style before you think of wardrobes.

Final word

Convert your standard bedroom into a functional space with classic wardrobes designed to match your interiors. For the finish, you can also consider the overall theme of your home, or else, get in touch with a reliable interior design service, because they can offer solutions that will fit your storage needs and home design theme.