Choosing the Right Medicine Cabinet for Your Bathroom

Home Improvement

The medicine cabinet in the bathroom plays an important role in one’s daily routine. If you are searching for a new one, you will need to make the right choice so it matches your lifestyle and bathroom. You may also want to choose a medicine cabinet mirror in order to add some more light to your bathroom and make getting ready easier.

Shape and Size: How large is the bathroom? Is storage space an issue? What items need to be stored? These are some important questions you need to ask yourself before you begin the search. Medicine cabinet mirrors and cabinets can all come in a variety of different shapes and sizes to match the styling space and the overall design of your bathroom. You need to ensure a proper fit for your medicine cabinet and measure the area correctly. Start by measuring the width of your vanity. The medicine cabinet will need to be narrower or the same width as the vanity. In order to figure out the height, use the distance between the faucet and lights. Also consider the interior configuration of the medicine cabinet to make sure it will hold the items you need.

Surface or Recessed Mount: Will you be able to cut into the wall to install the cabinet or do you need one that can be mounted? If you are gutting your bathroom then installing a recessed cabinet shouldn’t be a problem. If you just need a new medicine cabinet or are only making minor changes to the bathroom then a mounted one can be a better choice.

Style: Medicine cabinets can either complement the design you already have in your bathroom or create a bold statement. No matter the style you choose, you do want something that is functional. Today’s cabinets can be more durable and customizable so there are plenty of options that will suit your needs. Finished glass edges, wooden frames, frameless options, and unique shapes are all available. If you choose a cabinet with a frame, it can offer a more polished touch. A frameless design can have a more modern appeal. Wooden frames can also match the specific look with different stains and paints, while a frameless design usually has a decorative glass finish.

Features: An interior and exterior medicine cabinet mirror can make it easier to see everything inside and allow you a spot to get ready. You may want dimmable lights that can be adjusted for nighttime and daytime use. There may also be a magnifying mirror option that you can slide up and down to accommodate people in your family of different heights. Take a look at some available features and decide which ones will be important to you.