Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Hiring an Office Cleaning Company


Keeping your workplace clean and employees healthy goes beyond just tidying up the floors and organizing work desks.  To achieve the best results, you need to conduct an in-depth cleaning exercise that leaves every corner of the office sparkling clean.

Not only will this impress your clients, but it will also keep your employees healthy and productive. Unfortunately, there are lots of commercial cleaning companies out there to choose from.

While most of them promise to deliver top-quality commercial cleaning services, only a few of them deliver excellent results. Therefore, you need to take time and sort through them to find one that will be ideal for your business.

To make sure you get value for your money, avoid these common mistakes that businesses commit when hiring an office cleaning company.

1.     Not Checking Licenses and Certification

A good commercial cleaning company must be fully licensed and certified by relevant authorities. While looking for an office cleaning company, be aware of scammers that masquerade as professional cleaners by requesting to see their licenses and certifications.

Proper licenses and certifications show that you are dealing with genuine people; you can trust them to do the job professionally. You may also want to ask them a few relevant questions before hiring them.

Be sure to ask them about their experience, insurance, and area of specialization.

2.     Focusing Too Much on the Cost

The primary concern any company will have while looking for a commercial cleaning company is sticking to its budget. However, price shouldn’t be a major concern when looking for a top-quality Montreal office cleaning company.

In most cases, some people will be willing to sacrifice quality for price, which can be costly in the long run. Keep in mind that there are a lot of unprofessional office cleaning companies out there that will gladly charge minimal fees but won’t deliver great results.

When looking for an office cleaning company, be sure to get quotes from different companies and make a sound decision based on what the company can deliver.

3.     Hiring a Company with No References and Reviews from Past Clients

Today, there are many resources available online for individuals to track the history of businesses, such as cleaning companies. It is critical to check out such sites before hiring to be sure the company you are about to hire is a reputable one.

You can search for customer reviews on sites such as Facebook, Cityyap, and LinkedIn. Pay close attention to the information that pops up when you search the company’s name on these sites.

Lack of any references or work with past clients should be a warning sign that you need to tread carefully. If you can’t find anything online, don’t be afraid to ask the company for a few references they have served in the past.

Take time to contact them and see what they think of the service they received from the company.

4.     Hiring an Uninsured Cleaning Company

Hiring an uninsured company can put your business in an extremely vulnerable position. It leaves you liable for any accidents that may happen within your work premises as a result of the cleaners’ mistakes.

Also, the cleaning company won’t be able to pay you for any damages that their cleaning service may cause to your business. Therefore, before you hire any Montreal office cleaning company, be sure to ask questions and request to see proof of their insurance.

A reputable office cleaning company won’t have any issues showing their licenses and insurance coverage to you.