Cosmetics You Cannot do Without as a Future Bride


You know you must have your wedding attire and accessories ready for your big day, but is that all? Of course not. Being a bride is exciting, but you also need to put in a lot of work, time, and of course money to ensure that you look flawless. While you can hire a make –up artist to help you out, it is also helpful to buy the best bridal makeup kit so that you can do your own twitches here and there when you need to. So, what must you have in your makeup kit? 


  • For you face


Your face is the first thing people see when they look at you. Start with a primer, which forms the perfect base for your makeup and foundation and also keeps your makeup looking fresh. Next, put on the foundation to keep your face even-toned.  You can choose the right colour by applying a small amount on your jawline and neck to see if it blends in well. 

Another must-have item on your makeup kit is a contour that will enhance your facial features such as your cheekbones and gives you a sexy, sculpted face. If you suffer from pimples, outbreaks, dark circles, and other imperfections, you need to have a concealer to cover these up. Other items that you should have in your makeup kit include a highlighter, bronzer, and blush to enhance your facial features.  Lastly, use a compact to make your makeup sit in its place. 


  • For your lips


Make your lips stand out by always having a lip balm in your makeup kit. Lip balm will help you keep your lips well moisturized and you can apply it as a base to your favourite lipstick. Next, draw your lip liner to keep your lipstick from overstepping its boundaries. When your lips are ready, put on lipstick which matches your attire or accessories.


  • For your eyes


Your makeup kit needs to have cosmetics that can bring your eye back to life. First, you should have an eye primer to make your makeup last longer and keep it from creasing.  Next, use different shades of eyeliner to help bring out the beauty of your eyes. You can also add pop to your eye by using your favourite eyeshadow. Enhance your eyebrows using an eye pencil, and not forget your eyelash curler and mascara for dramatic eyelashes. 


  • For your hands


Your hands should also look youthful and well taken care of. Apply your favourite hand cream and also have all the cosmetics you need for your nails including a nail file, cuticle remover, nail polish, and nail polish remover. 

For your makeup to look flawless, ensure that you also have the proper makeup application tools including brushes and sponges, makeup remover, cotton balls, and a small mirror. Other essentials you can have are some hairpins, safety pins, and a comb. With all these items in place, there is no way you will fail to become the perfect bride.