Different Rummy variations that you should know


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Rummy is a top-notch Indian card game that is fun, easy and super entertaining. Rummy Passion gives you a never before rummy experience which will blow your mind. You can play the rummy game anytime, anywhere from just downloading the rummy app. The rummy online game has changed the experience of playing cards rummy to a whole new level. People can now enjoy playing rummy not only with friends but also with other people. You can meet new people, play with them and even make friends.

The game of rummy is an interesting and mildly-competitive timepass. You can play different versions of it and find what you like the most, challenge your friends to play with you and show your expertise at the game.

The different versions of the rummy game

  • 13 Cards Rummy

The most commonly played version of the rummy game is the 13 cards rummy. It is a short game of a few minutes and is also a break to players who like the long games of rummy. Each player starts with 13 cards in their hands. Each player is to make sets or sequences from the cards at hand by picking and discarding cards from the open and closed deck. You can use the free joker card to replace any card to make your set or sequence. Each card carries a point, except the joker card which carries zero points. At the end when one player declares the player with the least points wins. 13 cards rummy further has 3 variants:

  1. Points Rummy- There are different tables with points that value from 10 paise to Rs100 per point. Players start to play with 13 cards and when a player declares, the winnings of a player are decided from the points collected by the opponents.
  2. Deals Rummy- Each game is played for a fixed number of deals and each player is given a fixed number of chips at the beginning of the game. After each deal, the losing player surrenders the chips to the winning player. And after all the deals are done, the player with the maximum number of chips wins.
  3. Pool Rummy- Players are to collect or “pool in” money for this game. It is similar to points rummy until each player barring one gets eliminated for collecting 101 or 201 points, depending on the version they are playing.
  • 21 Cards Rummy

Similar to the game of 13 Cards Rummy, this game uses 3 decks of cards and has a few other features like the “Value Cards”. The Value Cards are printed cards that are chosen as jokers and used in the game. But unlike free joker cards, value cards carry points. If a printed joker card is randomly selected as a value card, then all Aces act as value cards.


That’s all you need to know about the variants of games that rummy provides you. So, now it is your turn to choose which version you like the most and start playing rummy today by downloading the Rummy Passion app now!