Got a job in a company? So know about payroll


Every month, when receiving your payroll, we do not imagine all the processes, legislation and variables that the Human Resources professional needs to comply with and evaluate before closing it. All of these elements make up one of the main HR processes and, perhaps, one of the fundamental factors for the smooth running of the company.

What is Payroll?

The concept for pay roll is simple: a list of information about the remuneration that a company employee receives. It is a mandatory document of the company, without an official model, allowing it to be prepared according to the needs of each corporation , but it must contain all the legal information provided, fulfilling an operational, accounting function, And fiscal.

How to make the payroll

  • Prepare the payroll of the remuneration paid, due or credited to all policyholders at their service, and must maintain, in each establishment, a copy of the respective payroll and payment receipts
  • To record, monthly, in the proper securities of its accounting, in a discriminated manner, the generating facts of all contributions, the amount of the discounted amounts, the company’s contributions and the totals collected.

Main Payroll earnings

The payroll is also composed of earnings / wages, that is, the employee’s earnings values. Understand more about the main ones:

Salary- It is the fixed amount, due and paid by the employer to your employee due to the work done and time available. The salary must be signed in a contract between the parties, obeying the legislation

Overtime- The additional hours of work performed in addition to the hours established in the employment contract are considered overtime. The legislation provides that the employee may work for up to two hours beyond the normal working day. This day must be paid with an increase of at least 50% over the normal hourly rate paid to the employee.

Weekly Paid Rest- Every worker is entitled to a day of paid rest, that is, paid. Legislation provides that this break should preferably take place on Sundays, but this is not mandatory. Weekly rest should be 24 hours, with no possibility of dividing that time into daily hours. On the other hand, employees who do not complete their working hours may lose this rest.

After knowing the basic, you can consider that whether the payroll process, in your company, is adequate and complying with all obligations and legislation.