Handy on How to Prepare for Quarantine



Preparing for quarantine is not easy. For the first time in human history, a virus has appeared that spreads faster than any existing pathogen. Although the mortality rate is not that high, the price of infections is record-breaking. The primary defense against this disease is to quarantine yourself. However, humans are social creatures, and staying inside four walls for prolonged periods can be quite tricky. In order to assist people in such troubled times, Handy has prepared a list of measures to cope with self-isolation. Let’s take a look at them.

The Steps

  1. Flu Shot – Although a flu shot does not prevent you from contracting coronavirus, it solves another set of problems. By getting a shot, you prevent the chances of contracting the flu, thereby saving you the trouble of visiting the clinic and hospitals. This frees up health care providers who can now treat patients suffering from Covd-19. 

Also, you are a responsible citizen by getting a flu shot as you are preventing others with lower immunity from contracting the flu as well.

  1. Stock don’t Horde – Ever thought you would see the day when people are fighting over toilet paper? Most people are assuming the end of the world. Clearly, they haven’t heard of the Black Plague, but that’s a story for another day.

Panic buying is a common occurrence in such situations which is nothing other than people overreacting to what the case appears to be. The sensible thing to do is to set a time period such as a month and buy items as specified for that period. For better management, you can divide the necessities into two separate groups, namely bath and hygiene and food.

In the case of hygiene, buy a few extra rolls of toilet paper, soap, detergent, and essential medication such as cough syrups, electrolytes, etc. If you have a newborn, consider extra diapers and baby wipes as well.

In terms of the food store, buy dried beans, canned fish, beverages like coffee and tea and some snacks to go along with it. You can even store some meat in the freezer and avoid fish as it spoils quite quickly if not stored properly. 

  1. Work from Home Office – If you are working from home, ensure you have a separate room for work. Do not lie down on your bed with a laptop as it hurts your productivity. For best results, before sitting down put on fresh clothes to convince your mind that you are getting ready for work.

Avoid doing housework and save them for the weekend. You can get tired, which might affect your performance at work. Most important of all, remember to take frequent breaks. Working from home usually breeds a more amiable mood. Avoid such comfort as much as possible and try to concentrate as if you are at your work. This will make the beaks more rewarding and refreshing.



Besides the points mentioned above, Handy states that the most essential activity of all is doing proper exercise. The lack of physical activity is not suitable for your health. Exercise ensures you spend a healthy and energetic quarantine period.