How to Clean Mold and Debris from Wooden Furniture?

Home Improvement

Your home is a reflection of you and your personality and lifestyle so it has to stand out and be unique.  your furniture gives the feel and the element you choose depicts your creativity. If you choose wooden furniture, it brings flawless beauty to your house, gives an antique look and represents your taste for excellence. Placing it in your house or in any room adds a sumptuous look to your surroundings and it easily be a part of any design scheme. Wooden tones in furniture bring the seamless grace to any home, as wood is naturally strong it makes the furniture long–lasting.

It is also very crucial to treat and handle such furniture with care. One must work on the best appearance of wood by cleaning, polishing and preventing it from molds, dust and termites.

Growth of mold is one of the common issues with the wooden furniture. Reason behind their growth is dampness and inadequate ventilation in the room. Molds usually appear as greenish brown patches on the surface of wood in humid environments and cause slight discoloration.

High moisture content in wood has become the source of feed for small insects called powder post beetles. They bore into the wood and turn good wood completely into the powder. The powder similar to flour is actually the chewed up and digested wood that beetles have eaten.

To overcome all such wooden furniture related problems, one must invest sufficient time, money and energy into its maintenance.

Now the question arises: what measure should one take to prevent your furniture from all these damages?

The root cause of all this issue is adequate ventilation and high moisture content so increased ventilation in enclosed areas with fans and vents will help you in discouraging the growth of molds. Run a dehumidifier. Once the ventilation issue is eliminated then you can remove the mildew, debris and molds by   cleaning your wooden surface with one-part household bleach with fourth part of water. This will not only clean the spores but also renew the look of the wood. Rinse thoroughly with water but after all this cleaning be sure to dry the area properly.

As wood not only soaks water but also retains it which is a very suitable breeding environment for molds and there are many ways, we have to prevent our furniture from further damage such as Fumigation, use of baking soda in water and spray onto your furniture for cleaning debris, dirt and dust from it.

You can also use filter vacuums on the wood surface to clean the debris and play a vital role in the removal of loose spores of mold.

Painting and polish the furniture is another measure one can take to save them as it will become easier to clean dust and debris. After varnishing molds, spores and mites will not be able to penetrate the wood.

Following these measures will help you in keeping your furniture clean, elegant, durable and mold free.