How to Find the Right Voice Over Talent for Your Project


If you are looking for voice-over talent for your project, you should consider a few things. For example, whether you are working with a male or a female voice-over artist is very important, and you should also consider their accents. Also, you should check out online auditions and talent agencies.

Decide Whether You Want a Male or Female Voice-Over

Choosing whether to use a male or female voice-over is more complex than it sounds. Depending on the product or service you are marketing, you will need to consider the appropriate voice style for the project.

A professional voice over talent Boston, MA, can represent your brand with various voices. They can also create a consistent brand voice. The best way to decide whether you want a male or female voice-over is to identify the audience and the message.

The voice-over industry is a competitive one. It is a highly visible and powerful avenue to market any product or service. With the ability to reach millions of consumers at any given moment, advertisers have incredible power.

There is a lot of debate about gender bias in the voice-over industry. However, the trend is moving towards less bias. 

Ask About Accents

An accent is one of the most important features when hiring a voice-over talent. Accents can define a character and can be used to convey a message that will entice potential customers to buy.

A great way to learn about accents is to listen to various voices. You can do this by hiring a dialect coach to guide you. Another good option is to use the services of a casting agency. These companies can help you find the right voice-over talent for your project.

Knowing what kind of accent your audience will most likely respond to is also helpful. This is especially true if your project is targeted at a specific region. Using a voice artist with a regional accent will make it easier for your target market to identify with your content.

The most popular non-English languages are Spanish, Italian, French, and German. They are the most in demand for recording professional voice-overs.

Register with a Talent Agency

If you need a voice-over for a project, consider using an agent. An agency will help you find voice-over talent in no time. However, there are a few things you’ll need to do before signing up with an agency.

First, you should make sure you have a professional resume. Agents prefer to work with voice actors who have paid work. They are likelier to take a chance on a new voice-over with a good demo.

Once you sign up with an agent, you’ll be able to submit a voice-over project to their database. This allows you to choose between hundreds of professionals. In addition, you’ll have access to audio engineers and live directions.

When you submit your voice-over project, you’ll need to include a press pack, which usually includes headshots, a demo, and references. Make sure your project explains the scope and budget of the work.