How to Get Maid Insurance Plan Online?


Suppose one is planning on hiring a new employer online maid insurance Singapore or domestic worker or hiring the first worker for their home or business. It is essential to have Maid insurance. One could probably have it done through an agent, but these are not cheap. But they do the paperwork for you, which include the buying of the maid insurance. So, one gets the necessary coverage that one provides to the maid.

As in Singapore, it is compulsory to have the maid insurance for the employees, doing one for the newly joined or reconstructing the one who works well but is on a contractual basis. The employer is too permanently. In that case, doing maid insurance or getting the Ministry of Manpower’s notice regarding the expiry of the insurance to hire it is essential to have. The term of employment should be exact, and the misunderstanding should get avoided.

While in the renewal process, the mandatory things got a scanned copy particular page of the employer passport, the maid insurance, and security bond, which covers all the essential coverage policy such as the medical and the personal accident insurance.

Going back to the insurance company and asking them to help with the insurance ort for renewal is a hectic thing to do when one can do it by themselves and save the agency’s fees. The large agency fees got saved. All one needs to do is follow the simple steps, which helps in saving the agency fees.

  1. Required documents:

While applying online, one should always keep the required documents not to create any hustle and complete the work in less time. So it is essential to have the documents, and the document which is required for the maid’s insurances are-

  1. The salary slips of the domestic helpers which are to pay on time.
  2. MOM security bond from the company of insurance
  3. Personal Accident Insurance
  4. Helper latest Passport
  5. A new insurance policy that is meets the MOM requirement.
  6. Valid credit card for payment online
  1. Buying insurance online:

The Ministry of Manpower of Singapore will send the notice for renewal of the work permit letter before five weeks of the Maid Insurance policy’s expiry. Or for the one who wants to apply new can also do it. Then proceed for the renewal online so long while one has already purchased new domestic helper insurance for the employers’ new period.

Provide the start date, the joining date to the new domestic insurance, or fill out online through the website. While purchasing the insurance for smooth insurance and transferring the critical bonds of security information to the MOM, it is necessary to provide the exact dates, names, and numbers.

The SB transmission no (security Bond transmission number) is more critical as this information where the Company will be transferring to the MOM for indicating as they undertake to guarantee the security bond. Without a successful transmission of this information provided to the MOM, one cannot renew or apply for the work permits online.

  1. Getting it done while joining:

It is advised to apply or renew the worker’s permit first, or the ones who want to renew need to apply it before the expiry. This will help the employee get into Singapore as they won’t be able to work without it. Late permit renewal leads to a large amount of penalty or a hefty fine, as both are a problem, so it is essential to have it done.

  1. A new card for employment:

When one is joining a company, a domestic employer, one is needed to create an employment contract that provides the obligations and the domestic helper’s rights as the employer’s form.

So these are the things to be done while applying for the Maid insurance online or during renewal. Through online, it saves the money once spent on the agent and gets it done. Simultaneously, in the online process, it saves money with easy steps by providing all the details that one can quickly get valid to in the insurance company website, which is also time-saving.

Advantage of purchasing maid insurance plans online:

When you visit an online platform to purchase a maid insurance policy, it will be more convenient. Most of the online maid insurance provider companies offer video consultation for meeting with a doctor through an online application. You don’t need to visit different agencies to check and discuss the details of any insurance policy. Just sit at your home, open your laptop, and research to make a choice. In this digitisation world, everything is available online, so invest some time and choose the right platform to invest your money. If you are a working guy and don’t have time to physically visit the agencies, then an online maid insurance plan could be the best solution for you.

Doing it online is much efficient as one can easily access the process and doesn’t’ have to repeatedly run to the agent as every information receives to one through the online when one visits the website. If one applies it online, they directly receive it in their mail without facing many problems. One needs to have all the documents updated, such as the passport and the MOM security bond transmission no one receives through the insurance company.

So applying it, online one can also apply for the renew, but it needs to be applied before the expiry of the old one, or one can face the problem of giving penalty or a hefty fine. One chose the insurance policy by looking at the coverage; it provides how does critical illness insurance work according to you and your employer’s need.


So choosing the maid insurance policy will provide proper health coverage, third party liability coverage, and other personal coverage. This expenditure helps save the cost of expense from one’s pocket in the future, and through online, it has been better as one doesn’t have to run to the agent for all information it to get online and quickly comparable.