How to select the best IR contact lens for yourself


The thing called as invisible ink IR contact lens are no more a secret know as everyone around the world know about this and is very familiar to the term called as spy lens or also called as poker cheating lens and is very popular among youngsters in India.

The best way to detect these invisible marking is by looking on the card b through an IR contact lens, which will give you instant access to see any invisible ink marking that has been made on the card or even on any wall or place.

There are some people in the world who believe in the idea that IR contact lens is a good idea while some are wanting to remove it from the market as many people use this lens to cheat in their game and even use these lenses to secretly write code on the wall which can only be seen by wearing an IR contact lens.

There are two quality lenses available one is inferior, and the other is superior or also called high-quality goods. There are no disadvantages of wearing a high-quality IR contact lens as they protect you from the side effects of inferior quality goods like inflammability in the eyes and also soreness o the eyes.

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How to choose the best lens

There are many companies out there in the market which make contact lens but may not provide you with the option to view the invisible ink writing and mark on the wall or the card.

Here are some tips for buying a good IR contact lens:-

  • The best quality contact lens can see the invisible markings very clearly, and in those of low quality, you can see the markings but with a shadow behind it.
  • The professional contact lens will never change the color of your eyes, while if you use inferior quality, then there is a chance where you might get spotted wearing a lens by the security of the casino.
  • The high-quality contact ns are safe to wear and do not cause any irritation in your eyes. At the same time, the inferior quality of goods might give you these types of problems.
  • The high-quality lenses can last for a long time or almost a lifetime where the inferior quality will be damaged or even be out of use in just one month or even a week.

I hope you get the information you were looking for in this article.