How to use plastic crates while moving your office? 


When you plan to move your office to some other location, it is vital to store the office desk items safely and securely. Plastic crates have a great role to play in the office moves. If you ever employ logistic and moving company, you will notice that it uses plastic crates for safe and efficient transfer of goods. The crates, attached to the teeth like lids, will move the various office items like desk items, IT equipment, cupboard contents and files. The large container or crate comes in various sizes and as per the need, they may be employed. They are procured mainly for home and office moves. You can fasten the attached lids with tamper proof security seals if you wish to send confidential documents and files. Those who have no budget to take services from a moving company, they can hire the Plastic crates from reflex equipment .

How to buy the plastic crates? 

Prior to placing orders for plastic crates, you need to determine your needs. A good supplier will be able to assist you when it comes to determining the size of the crate. Check out the specifications of crates so that you are able to make the right choice. Crates may have capacities from 54 liters and 80 liters to 122, 126 and 165 liters. If you want to store lever arch files, wires, laptops, paperwork or peripherals, buy the 54L crates. A single person can handle the crate since he can easily carry it both downstairs and upstairs. The LC3 or 80L crates are used most commonly in the office moves. The 122 Liters or IT3 computer crates can store computer components or computers with flat screen and LCD screens. Peripherals can also be stored. The 126 liter crates are known as LC6 crates that may be termed as the ‘Coffin’ crate due to its shape. The 126L crate makes both packing and unpacking easy. In fact, 2 people are needed to move the crate having 126L capacity. The IT Crate, 165 L crates, is perfectly suitable for 21” screens. 

The advantage of stacking and nestling! 

Plastic crates Brisbane is too much preferred since they offer a great storage convenience. You can easily nestle them, store them and save your valuable space. Hiring the crate is a suitable option. It eliminates the need for buying the crates. Plastic crates can save upto 80% of your space in warehouses, dormitories and offices.

How to buy the plastic crates? 

Are you looking to buy durable, sturdy, appealing and colorful plastic crates for storage and transportation needs? Here you can find a wide range of heavy duty, light duty crates in every size. You can avail the best quality industrial crates at reasonable rates. With the aid of the dexterous professionals, the company is able to cater your needs for plastic crates from Equip2go. All the crates are inspected well and are manufactured in diverse range of parameters. An extensive range fruits crates, fish crates, office supply crates are available at discounted rates.

With the different dimensions, shapes and sizes, the crates can cater your needs. The well known brand makes crates that are known for longevity, durability and superb performance. Customized crates can cater different needs of the customers. Plastic crates are much above the wooden ones. A large number of companies are looking forward to hire the crates since they are safer and the material can be recycled. Even the modern pet owners are using the crates to train their dogs and cats. If you wish to buy the crates, you need to check the detailed specifications of the crates. 

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