I Taught My Teenagers How To Cook!


Over lockdown, when I was quarantined with my two teenagers, my 14 year old son and 17 year old daughter, I finally had the chance to teach them how to cook. We of course started with the basics. They caught on quickly, so we moved pretty fast. They seemed excited, which made me excited too.

As you can imagine with teenagers, there was a lot of bickering at first. They argue all the time. It’s totally normal, but extremely annoying. My patience took a pretty big hit for those first few days, as was expected. Eventually we got into a rhythm. I wanted them to learn how to chop up food (even though it made me a nervous wreck to watch), and grate things the old fashioned way first. They were not impressed, but they continued on because they were determined to learn how to cook. 

Once they got the hang of that, I introduced them to my Cuisinart food processor. Unbeknownst to them, I use this gadget a lot. The week before, knowing I’d be bringing it out, I ordered some new parts. I went on to the KitchenWorksUSA website to do some browsing. They sell authentic Cuisinart DLC-7 parts. It’s nice to know that I can order whatever I need when I wear things down or want to try something new. I ordered us a dough blade and shredding blade to give us more options.

The kids thought I was crazy as they usually do when I showed them the Cuisinart food processor, but they too quickly learned how helpful this gadget is. They were thrilled to not have to do every little thing by hand. They were pretty impressed by just how much the appliance could do and how much we could actually make with it. 

To my surprise, they got so excited about cooking, they started looking ideas up on the internet on their own for different recipes to try. My son wanted to experiment of course with making different desserts, while my daughter was more interested in coming up with her own soup creations. Everything turned out great, even for first timers. We were all really happy with the results.

As a mother it was really cool to see my kids learn a new skill that they were that excited about. Now they ask to help me for special occasions which is really helpful  when things are so hectic. They even take turns making dinner and if you can believe it, sometimes make dinner together! It was a wonderful bonding experience for all of us and for the two of them!

 I can proudly say that I’ve taught them something that they will use as they navigate through life, and leaves me with one less thing to worry about, because we all know there is plenty of that. When both of my kids are old enough, they’ll get their own Cuisinart food processors as well.