Mandalika, the Long-Awaited Heavenly Resort


Mandalika is a paradox in a feeling that it has been around for three years, yet not many people understand or know what it is. It begins with all the many beautiful Lombok places, particularly the beaches and the lush green landscapes. All of that is Mandalika, a unique region in Lombok Island defined as a distinctive tourism economic zone. Mandalika is being developed extensively with several luxury hotels being constructed. This 1,250-hectare resort will also have a world-class racing circuit.

Beautiful beaches in the southern part of Lombok will be incorporated in this resort. It is a work in progress, but this hotel will be one of the most detailed ones in Indonesia when the development finishes. Here are a few unbelievably beautiful locations which you may visit at Mandalika.

Kuta Beach

The landscape is far more varied, however, with cliffs and hills. Admittedly, the infrastructure is not fully there yet. As of this moment, the area at Kuta Beach is unspoiled with little to no progress. If you adore untouched natural beaches with excellent waves for surfing, this is definitely the perfect spot for you. If you love beaches with luxurious hotels, you have to wait several years to enjoy that in Kuta Lombok.

Seger Beach

Just 2km from Kuta, Seger Beach is a rustic beachfront with an exotic landscape. Seger has an excellent view with its white sand beach and a few green hills and rocky terrain. Apart from appreciating the view from the shore itself, you can even increase the mountain to get an even better view of the whole place.

Putri Nyale and Serenting Beach

The following beach in the vicinity is Serenting Beach. Here is an ideal spot for a family picnic in addition to an excellent place for sunbathing as there are only a few people around. Serenting is also the area where Sasak Folks hold their Bau Nyale Festival. This ritual is held every 20th day from the 10th month of the Sasak calendar. Thousands of people flock to the beach to catch the delicious and vibrant sea worm.

Gerupuk Beach

Here is the best spot to navigate in Mandalika. Gerupuk beach provides the most challenging waves, which might reach up to 3 meters in height. There are five zones such as surfing in this lovely bay; Prigi, Batu Teong, Batulawang, Giligoleng, and Terasag. Apart from its tempting waves, Gerupuk also produces an organic seaweed. From the Gerupuk Village, it is possible to observe local folks pack seaweed and ship them to big cities in Bali and Java.

The Way to Get There

Mandalika is not too much away from Lombok International Airport, in which it is easy to book a trip from any big cities in Indonesia. Mandalika is only 17 kilometers from the Airport or less than half an hour on land vehicles. It is possible to rent a car or motorcycle to explore all Mandalika has to offer. As of today, you don’t need to pay entry fees to the shores there. You only need to pay parking charges of IDR 10,000 for a car and IDR 5000 for bicycles.

Vacation is more than just the scenery, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Mandalika by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.