Must-see activities to explore in Goa


Goa is a popular tourist destination for visitors from all across India and the world. It is becoming a popular vacation spot due to its fantastic beaches, delicious cuisine, shopping, and many more. Goa is separated into two sections, one in the north and one in the south, and you’ll discover that it’s not just a terrific beach location but actually has a lot of exciting adventures to provide. We explore a few of the things to perform in Goa, including north and south, in this article.

  • Baga is a great place to go for sunbathing and nightclubs.

Baga, in the north of Goa, must be the state’s most renowned and crowded beach; but, don’t let that distract you from exploring this popular vacation attraction.

Grab a beachside shack, visit the flea marketplace, and eat some healthy and tasty seafood at some of the many excellent restaurants in the area. The night time in the region surrounding the beach is extremely lively, with a variety of clubs, restaurants, and pubs serving the large numbers of tourists and residents that travel. After that, you should know the benefits of booking Goa Marriott Resort for resting purposes.

  • The Goa State Museum is a great place to learn about Goan culture.

The Goa State Museum, with over 8,000 ancient objects on exhibition, is a must-see for anybody interested in Goa’s heritage, not just history lovers.

The state-run exhibition of archaeology is well-kept and includes a large collection of marble, wood, and bronze sculptures, as well as various artefacts, valuable coins, spiritual manuscripts, and much more.

  • Chapora Fort is a great place to learn about history.

The Chapora Fort, which is nearly 400 years old, served as a watchtower for the Portuguese who controlled Goa for longer than a century. The fundamental building is absolutely awe-inspiring and a fantastic vantage location, encompassing the magnificent Vagator and Anjuna beaches, despite the fact that it is under ruins.

If you’re looking for some climbing and history, check out the fort and nearby surroundings; the escape passageways are very thrilling.

  • Dona Paula Jetty is worth a visit.

Dona Paula is a renowned tourist destination nearby the regional capital of Panjim. Apart from becoming a popular tourist destination, the location is also home to India’s National Institute of Oceanography.

The region can get crowded because of its outstanding restaurants and well-kept heritage monuments, but monsoon season here is less congested, more relaxing, and charming.

  • Visit Mangueshi Temple, an old wonder.

The majestic Mangueshi Temple, devoted to the goddess Mangesh, an avatar of Shiva, is one of Goa’s biggest temples. The nearly 500-year-old structure is well-kept and contains various ancient treasures.

This temple’s water reservoir, assembly room, lighting tower, chandeliers, and other antiques make it not just a center of religion and meditation, but simply an extraordinary historical and archaeological site.

  • On the Chapora River, relax on a sailboat.

What could be more peaceful than a day or two spent floating through Goa’s backwaters in a houseboat? On board one of these charming vessels, you may see local fishermen do conventional fishing and taste the fish of the day straight from the river to your dinner table.

The backdrop is breathtaking, and there is probably no greater way to appreciate the natural magnificence of the area.

  • Visit the Anjuna Beach Flea Marketplace for some window shopping.


The regional flea marketplace takes place every Wednesday at Anjuna Beach. Hundreds of visitors and residents visit each week, and you can discover practically anything here, at a good price.

Shop for souvenirs, clothing, antiquities, handicrafts, and presents to take home, but don’t skip out on the delicacies; stalls maintained by locals offering classic and wonderful Goan meals, as well as the numerous foreigners from all around the world serving true international foods together in one spot. Furthermore, after a long walk, for resting, you must understand the reasons to reserve a room at Goa Marriott Resort.

  • The Basilica of Bom Jesus is a great place to get spiritual.

This gorgeous basilica in Old Goa, also referred to as Borea Jezuchi Bajilika, is a UNESCO World Heritage Landmark and is notable for containing the ashes of St. Francis Xavier. Come here to admire the beautiful baroque construction and to feel the serenity and tranquilly that the building provides.

  • At Fort Aguada, soak in the scenery.

This renowned fort and its lighthouse are a must-see on any trip to Goa. The Portuguese Fort, constructed in the seventeenth decade and facing the huge Arabian Sea, is in excellent condition.

Take a tour around the neighbourhood, which is located on Sinquerim Beach, and get engrossed in the culture and aesthetics.

  • Dolphin Observation at Palolem

Palolem is the location to visit when you wish to get away from the congestion of North Goa and experience some serenity and solitude on the beach. This beautiful and quiet beach, a quick auto rickshaw trip from Canacona terminal, is not just low back and relaxed but also provides some fantastic regional dishes in the neighbouring restaurants and cottages for a whole experience.

  • Vasco Da Gama offers a variety of water activities.

Vasco Da Gama is a junction that connects many of Goa’s best beaches. The town is buzzing with tourists searching for wonderful cuisine, entertainment, and, of course, exciting activities to do, and it is a must-see when you are visiting.

Except during the monsoon season, this beach is known for scuba, paddling, parasailing, and a variety of other water adventurous activities.

  • Participate at the Silent Party

This beach never rests, both during the day with people on the beach and at nighttime with moonlit celebrations. Silent Sounds is a huge celebration on the beach’s extreme south end that you don’t want to skip. The idea is audacious and imaginative, beginning at 9 p.m. Bluetooth headphones unite you and everybody else at the event to the music, allowing you to keep the party going as loudly as you want for as lengthy as you want without creating a sound.

So, if you’re thinking of exploring Goa, go no further than our list of the best activities to do in Goa.