Office Privacy Booth The Way To Work Safely in The Office


Office Privacy Booth – the pandemic has irreversibly changed how we work and function in shared spaces. Many companies have closed their offices and directed employees to work remotely. Unfortunately, this solution is only sometimes possible, so companies that cannot afford 100% home office work are looking for alternative solutions.

Among the solutions practiced is hybrid working, switching to hot desks, or completely redesigning office space to provide maximum security for employees. Importantly, it is unknown whether the pandemic will end and, if so, when, so a return to traditional office work is in doubt.

Re-arranging office space to ensure the adequate distance between workers in the office, controlling access to selected office areas, and insisting on frequent office disinfection are the most common means of protection in times of pandemic.

Can office noise be so disruptive?

The superimposed sounds of telephone conversations, computer work, and air conditioning can harm health! This type of noise causes adrenaline levels in the body to rise to 40%. Even thrill-seekers can get fed up with such adrenaline surges – because it is inextricably linked to stress, which is not needed in the workplace. Heart disease, concentration problems, loss of productivity – these are just some of the consequences of working in noise. How do we combat it in the office space?

What are the characteristics of Office Privacy Booths,, and how can we equip them?

Office Privacy Booths are very functional and flexible in creating structures. They can be made into any combination with upholstered or glass walls. Versions are available with plants, sound, Bluetooth,, and media boxes. They can be equipped with a table and seats or a tabletop for standing work. Acoustic booths add privacy to any meeting.

The Office Privacy Booth is extensive and will satisfy every client. High-quality materials are available in a wide range of colors from which the client will be able to create a booth that relates to the company’s color scheme. What’s more, booths with personalized print are available. To create the design of your dream booth.

Acoustic booths – the way to safety meetings and working in silence

Office furniture manufacturers meet the expectations of entrepreneurs and offer Office Privacy Booths that meet all the requirements of modern office furniture.

Hush cabins ensure that you can work in private, for one or several people, without having to deal with a large group of people. In addition, they provide comfort, silence,, and discretion. These types of cubicles are ideal for open-plan offices.

On the market, there are single-person booths – telephone booths – and closed meeting rooms – depending on the type, designed for 2 to 6 people.

An unquestionable advantage of Hush booths is not permanently attached to the building, so they can be freely assembled and disassembled in subsequent office areas.

In addition, each unit has its electricity, ventilation,, and lighting.