Tobacco has been present in the lives of humans for centuries now, either in the edible form or just smoke-able. Some people have a point of view that smokeless tobacco is a safer product, but it is considered an alternative. Here is a list of the dip tobacco alternatives that you can buy online:

Black Buffalo

It’s everything you love about dipping, including nicotine, just without the actual tobacco leaf or stem. Its dip made of edible green leaves and a simple list of food-safe ingredients. No compromise: the same texture, flavor, aroma, pack, and nicotine that you’re used to. With the presence of nicotine, it is a delight to the mouth and gives a lip burn that kicks in right after the flavor. Many dip tobacco users have chosen this product to be the right alternative to switch to. The company has an online shop for dip tobacco alternatives that boast about offering everything that you love about traditional dips, just without any tobacco, but it does contain nicotine so as an alternative the product does not have tobacco leaves but will satisfy your nicotine cravings. They also offer different flavors such as mint, wintergreen, peach, and others.

Cowboy Coffee

It contains just the right amount of caffeine that fulfills the urge of doing dipping. Many users have reviewed the product to be great, but some have marked it to be extra sweet for their taste. The product is nicotine-free and is an alternative for people that use traditional dip products but looking to make the switch to non-nicotine products.

Teaza Energy

Teaza Energy is comprised of mostly of elements that are edible. For people who are looking for energy and not nicotine, this is a suitable alternative to traditional tobacco dipping products.

Jakes mint

If you want to quit dip tobacco and also want some kind of flavor in your mouth too, look no further as Jakes Mint contains mint along with cinnamon in different ratios, which makes it the best among others. It is a 100% natural product and satisfies the customers just like the original dip does. It gives a slight lip burn, but the buzz is slightly weak as it is a nicotine-free product.


Without Baccoff, this list would be incomplete. Users have reviewed the wintergreen to be the company’s best product. The taste of all of the products that Baccoff last long and they manufacture many nicotine-free tobacco dip products with flavoring they claim is great.