Our Food Processor Brought the Family Together


Living in a multi-generational household can be pretty chaotic. There are constantly people running off to one activity or the next, so much so that often we only see each other in passing. Therefore, things got really strange in our home last year, when the lockdowns forced all the generations to stay home all at once. 

Everyone tried to entertain themselves. They watched TV, they cleaned the house, they worked from home while helping the kids with distance learning. And after a while, we all fell into a new routine — one that still left us disconnected and in our own worlds, but now in the same physical location. 

I decided to end our in-house isolation by cooking a big family meal for everyone. However, I quickly discovered that our Cuisinart food processor, which had been in the family for generations itself, was broken. The work bowl had a large crack down one wall, and sauces seeped out of it whenever the machine was running (yes, I tried). 

I wasn’t ready to give up, so I asked my husband if he thought he could fix the bowl. He fiddled with it for a while, and even asked his father (who lives with us) for his input. Neither of them could come up with a solution that would seal the crack — and that’s when my son suggested that we simply get a new bowl. 

My son and I scoured the internet for a work bowl that was compatible with our specific food processor. For a while, it seemed like our only option was to buy an entirely new machine — but then, we discovered the Cuisinart food processor parts on Kitchen Works’ online store! Here, we found a wide range of Cuisinart work bowls, each one made to fit a different model of machine. 

Kitchen Works gave us valuable information on how to identify your model number (I had already found it, but it’s good to double check). They also gave us some useful info about the different food processor models. With this information, we were able to order the best bowl for our machine. 

Our order was processed very quickly. In fact, we had a package delivered in just a few days! Of course, by that time my husband’s mother and my daughter were both interested in the things I was doing in the kitchen. They agreed to help me cook (even if my daughter actually spent most of the time naming the stray cats in the area). 

By the time our dinner was ready to serve, I realized that our household had completely changed. Instead of everyone in their own little worlds, everyone was interacting — grandparents and grandkids were playing, animals and kids were snuggling, and I was ready to make everyone smile with a delicious dinner. 

And if it wasn’t for Kitchen Works, USA, there’s a chance this dinner might not have happened. So, thank you Kitchen Works for giving us the tools we needed to bring the family together!