Parking And Garage Lighting


There are different spaces, both commercially and at home, where security is a key factor. Already for various reasons, the type of activity that is done in these places has an imminent risk of an accident.

And it is here that lighting becomes an essential part of the decoration of some of these areas. A well-lit place is a safe and reliable place. The lighting of car parks and garages must meet these needs, without forgetting the legal regulations. But we must not only limit ourselves to giving light to these areas. And, this can be done with style and taste in decoration. Similarly, whether these areas are private or commercial, the appropriate luminaries must be installed for a pedestrian and vehicular environment.

What Must Be Considered

There is a discussion around which type of luminaries is most suitable for lighting car parks and garages, and some basic principles must be considered.

First, the size of the space to be illuminated and then the energy-saving and durability of the lighting equipment. In relation to the latter, the ideal is to use waterproof LED luminaries for underground car parks.

Remember that in these places, they stay on for almost 24 hours a day. Therefore, the tubes, projectors, and bells that are used must have a real energy-saving performance with long service life.

Luminaries Led Waterproof

Also, the size of the area will tell us what the ideal lighting equipment to use is. For example, private parking spaces tend to be small. So, in this case, bulbs or LED floodlights are enough to get good lighting. In medium to large areas, such as commercial car parks, we have to play with different LED lighting materials.Also, you need a nice design to get an attractive lighting at your garage and a1designs can go a long way in helping you.

LED bells are perfect for signaling entrances and exits, or for highlighting places where the view is lost due to shadows.

The LED tubes and waterproof strips provide the perfect general lighting of the place, such as access roads and vehicles for each position.