Shining Travertine Floors

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FGloor surfaces are diverse depending on the material used to make them. One of the typical floor types is the travertine floor. This is made from natural stone and is loved for its beauty and versatility. It is used as a form of limestone, considering that it is made from deposits of the same. It is not surprising, therefore, that architects and professionals in the building industry prefer using travertine for various reasons. With the popularity of use on floors and surfaces, it is only fitting that homeowners understand how t maintain and care for this kind of floor.

Travertine Uses – Ideal Places to Use this Stone

As mentioned earlier, travertine is a versatile stone. This means that it can be used on different surfaces successfully. Common usage by architects and builders include:

  • Countertops: Works best on countertops because of the streaks and color consistency. It makes a great countertop choice for people who want beauty. However, it can be challenging to maintain.
  • Backsplashes: It makes excellent backsplashes because of their unique colors. It is best to ensure that the color you go for marries the rest of the house’s interior.
  • Fireplace Surrounds: Using travertine in fireplaces is the perfect way to draw attention to this section of the house.
  • Walkways: Choose the honed travertine finish if you want fantastic-looking walkways.
  • Interior Floors: The honed finish makes the perfect look for the interior as far as travertine goes.
  • Patios: Travertine is a standard feature for all outdoor areas. The stone surface will look lovely on any patio.
  • Pool Decks: Travertine works well in the pool area because it is slip resistant. Making it part of your deck area is a plus.
  • Interior and Exterior Walls: Travertine will bring natural beauty to the interior and exterior walls because of its unique color and streak.
  • Driveways: Make the entrance of your home stand out by choosing travertine as the stone material for the surface. This will help create an impression that wows all your guests.
  • Bathtub Surrounds Brighten up your bathroom area by using travertine. It will add a touch of natural lighting, and you will be thrilled about it too.
  • Shower Walls: If your goal is to have a natural feel in your shower area, make sure the walls are made of travertine.

Seeing that travertine is used in most water-prone areas, maintenance is vital. Regular cleaning and polishing are needed to maintain the perfect glossy look of these natural surfaces. Regardless of where it is used, having professional cleaners regularly polish and clean the surfaces and grout is a plus. Hire experts with a suitable truck-mounted cleaning unit.

The travertine surfaces need these tools because of the heat and pressure. The cleaning also has to be done based on the type of finish the travertine surface comes in. Experts in this sector will understand what works best for the grout, surfaces, and joints. Call us today for a quick inspection and regular maintenance of all your travertine surfaces and floors.