Ship a boat – A Handbook to Guide You on Shipping Your Boat in The Year 2020?


A boat is a huge thing to relocate from one position to the other. It requires a huge investment and careful efforts. You may face a lot of challenges to safely and efficiently ship your boat.

A boat is a small-sized ship that floats and runs over water. They can be used to transport things and living beings through water from one place to other. There are different types of boats like sailboat, wooden boats, power boats and much more.

What are the types of boat shipping? How much it costs?

There are different types of boat shipping methods based of various factors like cost, boat dimension, duration, transport medium and locations.

Here is different transportation mediums used to ship a boat –

Sea – The load is loaded on a large ship to transport through sea from one country to another. It is mainly used to ship a boat from one country to another.


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Road – In this case, a special designed huge trailer is hired to transport the boat across land.

Air – The boat is loaded on a cargo plane to ship from one place to other. This method is generally costlier than transporting a boat through sea and road transportation.

You may contact a shipping company or a freight carrier to book a space for your boat.

There are various other methods like shrink wrapping, roll on-off, lift on-off and flat rack shipping. They all use sea as transport medium. They differ by the of security and safety measures taken to protect the boat from scratch and other damages. They employ different boat wrapping methods and containers before loading them on the ship.

The cost of shipping a boat mainly depends upon –

  1. Dimensions of your boat
  2. Distance between source and destination
  3. Time taken to destination (Travel time)
  4. Weather conditions
  5. Availability of space for your boat

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What are the steps involved in shipping a boat?

Below are few steps to make boat delivered to your destination safely and effectively –

  1. Select your preferred type of carrier from a trailer or cradle
  2. Get quotes from the shipping company
  3. Ensure that the shipper has legal and valid shipping license, bond type, and insurance policies.
  4. Facilities offered by the shipper like shrink wrapping for safety and protection of your boat.

Also, check their facilities to provide real time update on location of your boat. You must provide exact dimension and shipping route to get the exact quotation.

Before your handover your boat to the shipper, you must ensure below points –

  1. Ensure all openings and loose parts are covered and wrapped tightly.
  2. Precisely check and inspect your boat for any pre-shipment damages. You must take photos of such damages to verify with in-transit damages.
  3. Remove all your personal and other essentials things from the boat.
  4. Shrink wrap your boat to protect it from salty water and other adverse conditions of sea.
  5. Switch-off all the electronic items and remove fuel and water from your boat.