The Aspect of Acne Issues and Your Solutions


Choosing a moisturizer for skin and oily face can be tricky. This is because most products leave the skin dry and dull.

Those with oily skin may find that they do not need to use a moisturizer. In fact, oily skin does not indicate that it is hydrated. The level of hydration is measured by the amount of water inside the cell and not by the oil.

So it is necessary to invest in an easy moisturizer. But, in addition, you need a lot of water, because what moisturizes your skin is the amount of water. However, this does not indicate that the moisturizer is expendable, as it helps to prevent water from evaporating. Using the Acne cream happens to be essential there.

To choose the best moisturizer for oily skin on your face, see some options that we have separated.

Hidramat Dermage

This product has a very light texture and is not oily. When applied, the skin absorbs quickly and leaves with a dry texture and mattified appearance.

The product’s differential is that it keeps the shine away from the skin, so it leaves a slightly less greasy appearance.

Anti-oiliness Granado Matte Effect

The anti-greasy garnet matte effect does not crumble, has no smell and is not oily. With the application the skin is smooth as a primer.

Skin Balance

This gel when applied on the skin disappears, but as soon as it passes it gets a little shiny. After a period, this decreases and maintains the control of oiliness. In addition, it does not leave the skin dry and keeps the skin feeling clean.

Hydrating Fluid

Eurecim helps restore skin health and is indicated for oily and acne-prone skin. The product is active as sebum-regulators, anti-inflammatories and antibacterials to fight acne. Very light it hydrates the skin and has a matte effect.

Make B. Day Care Multi Moisturizer

One more tip of cream for oily face skin is the Make B Day Multi Protective Moisturizer. The product adapts to all skin types and moisturizes and controls oiliness throughout the day.

With sun protection, its SPF 50 formula guarantees a dry touch and protects it from external aggressions such as pollution and temperature changes.

Matifying Tea Tree The Body Shop

This moisturizing lotion is light and non-greasy and can be absorbed quickly by the skin. With the application ensures light hydration and controls oiliness and helps prevent acne and pimples.

Hidradeep facial moisturizing lotion

The moisturizing lotion is for oily skin, as it promotes balance and has SPF to protect from the sun’s rays. The product also guarantees hydration and repair for oily and combination skin.

Through the Push-Pull oil-control technology it is possible to control oiliness immediately. Still it has SPF 30 against sunburn. UVA and UVB.

Hydro Boost Water Gel Neutrogena

With super light texture it ensures hydration and skin renewal. The application allows a smooth and hydrated skin free of oil. After application its absorption is fast and still guarantees 48 hours of hydration and does not cause pore clogging and is oil-free.