Time to Toilet Train Your Child?


There are many milestones in your child’s development.  Toilet training is an important one, and while it can take some time and have some difficult moments, a motivating factor for many parents is the end to messy nappies – as much a milestone for the child as it is for the parent.  When you recognise that your child is ready to start toilet training, there a few options for you to choose from – a portable toilet seat for toddlers, a potty, or a permanent toilet seat for your child.

Should you choose a portable toilet seat for toddlers, a potty, or a permanent toilet seat? 

Let’s look at the benefits of each option.  A potty seat can be simpler and easier for your child to learn and feel comfortable using.  Its closer to the ground so can seem less daunting. This can make the initial transition easier, but more cleaning is required, and at some stage, your child will need to make the transition to the adult size toilet. That said, this can be a great first step for your toilet training journey.

A portable toilet seat for toddlers means your child will use the adult size toilet, by placing a toilet seat that fits them on top of the toilet.  You’ll probably need a step so that they can get themselves up, and the tall adult toilet can seem scary, so don’t be discouraged if the transition isn’t as easy as you hoped.  Some parents can get tired of needing to help their kid place it on and take it off each time, but a portable toilet seat has the added advantage of being, well, portable! This is great if you plan to take a holiday or long drive and your child will require toilet stops.

For those after a more permanent solution, a lupi lu toilet seat could be right for you. The lupi lu toilet seat is an excellent option for those who aren’t seeing the benefit of a portable toilet seat, and want to either transition from a potty, or avoid a potty altogether.  This toilet seat replaces your existing seat with separate adult and toddler seat inserts consolidated into the one seat.  You will need to replace your existing toilet seat to install the lupi lu, which could be a consideration for some households.

Having troubles early on?

Children want to do what their older siblings and parents are doing – we’ve all seen the competitive nature of kids.  Let them find their way.  Sure, it takes time, but they will get there before you know it.

So, which option is best?

As parents, we’re inclined to stress about every decision we make, but there’s no point in complicating this one.  No one option is better or worse than the others, and you will know what feels right for your child and your home. If you’re unsure, or don’t already have a preference over a potty, portable toilet seat for toddlers or a lupi lu toilet seat, you can have it both ways! If one option isn’t working for you, you can always try another, or use a combination as you make the transition.