Tips and tricks to purchasing the effective UPS


UPS or the Uninterrupted Power Supply support system for the computer is often looked for as an unemotional item. We often make sure to purchase the device, which comes with a lower price tag when it comes to purchasing a UPS. However, one can make smart choices and look for cost-effective solutions when it comes to buying one.

UPS systems help to protect the computers by supplying the power resources from the batteries at the time of power outage. When you visit a store or website and seek for the recommended UPS (แนะนำเครื่องสำรองไฟฟ้า, which is the term in Thai), it is important to look for your requirements. The basic requirement includes the type and capacity of the UPS required and backup time that you need. Once you come to know about all the basic requirements, you will easily find a suitable UPS at the best price. Making use of the recommended guidelines and evaluating various aspects, you can certainly reap the best performance benefits. At the same time, it will help you to save a dramatic cost.

Guidelines to make a Smart choice

There are certain aspects which could be considered when you visit a store which is ready to Sell UPS (จำหน่าย UPS, term in Thai).

This Includes:

  • Rule says it is better to opt for the Line Interactive type over the Stand by type and to select the On-Line type over the Line Interactive type. Hence, if no other consideration prevails, it is better to select a good one if the price difference is not much.
  • It is recommended to purchase a comparatively bigger system when you need to enhance the battery capacity more than the normal standard battery capacity offered with the UPS. Purchasing a bigger UPS, which has got more battery size, is always less expensive than the smaller UPS system with the extended battery cost.
  • Evaluate the price of using three single-phase UPS systems, which is fed with different phases rather than a single three-phase UPS system. The best part is that even if the single UPS fails to wok, the configuration allows the other operations to continue.

In the redundant configurations, even two or more units can work in a parallel. But the common mistake conducted by the people is purchasing the cheaper device. One should not forget that the cheaper one might come with ore expenditure later.