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If we talk about the ways of moving furniture, we are dealing with more than one aspect and more than one topic, because the methods of moving furniture are many and very complex, let us start from the beginning, which is the desire to move from one house to another or from one company to another or from its original place to another place, It may seem frightening because the idea of moving or isolation is related to problems and the loss of most of your belongings and others, and from here we have to touch on some important points at the beginning of the desire to move from one house to another to facilitate you some thing in the transition process and one of the most important advice or points that may The following is useful for you

First: When you start looking for a new home there are some guidelines that you must follow

There are grounds for choosing your new home.

It is the way you search for it, do you do it yourself through newspapers, media, or media, for example, or if you use a professional broker in that field.

 Some things to consider in your new home that you would like to move into

Firstly, the area of the new place: It must be close to the old place, because if it is smaller, you will feel some distress when stacking the luggage because you are used to a certain area to place your luggage, so it disturbs your mood and psyche.

Secondly, the number of rooms: It is better to have the number of rooms in the old house equal to the number of rooms in the new house because if it is less then in this you will feel that there is excessive luggage that narrows the space of the house and if the number of rooms is large then the matter may make you feel that you have a large area untapped in the form optimum.

Third, the right price: This point is due to the possibility of everyone in that, but when you find the right home at the right price, the matter may save you money that you may use in decoration, for example, or in moving furniture, for example, and whatever the capabilities, each of us always searches for the right price.

Do not rush to judge a particular home

 Always slow in choosing the right house, as it does not happen every day in your life, as it can happen only once, so do not rush to judge a specific house from all sides.

In most cases, it is preferable for the people around you to choose to choose the home, such as your wife, your mother, and your father, because looking with one person’s eyes does not catch the mistakes of the place, so it is better if your family or someone with experience in that matter participates to have more than one person and more than one eye that you can Preview.

 Protect yourself from getting into trouble

Always be aware enough of the previous agreements between the property owner and the neighbors so that you do not have problems after that and also do not forget to take a lawyer who knows the contracts well so as not to be fooled by that trap, because the integrity of the contract is very important for you to take care of.

Second: processing and decoration

A- The first step when you start preparing for the move to the new house is to clean it well, because you cannot clean it in a complete and comprehensive manner when the furniture, furniture and appliances are moved in. Especially that the first period in the transition is not all of it is consequential, so all you have to do is start Cleaning with simple steps, start with the ceiling and clean it well from the corners and places where dust and insects gather. Go to the walls if they are not soft from the paint. Gently clean it to get dirt out of it. The next step is of course the floors and the step is closed. Most people may forget it is spraying pesticides to kill any insects The organizing did not reach her It exploited the lack of older people age in place or the last stage children are home ventilation so well not smell bad when transferring luggage to him.

B – The second step is decoration. If you want an engineer to complete your home décor, it takes time. Therefore, share with your wife the design, idea, and colors, and start agreeing immediately with who will execute.

A- Before starting anything at home, you must first agree on the date of delivery if you are associated with an appointment with workers, technicians, plumbers, and others.

D- You must follow up with the workers on a daily basis in order to ensure speed, quality and safety in the plumbing and places of electricity, water and others, and also in the preparation of paint and decors.

Third: the process of moving furniture

The transfer of luggage, which includes (furniture – electrical appliances of all kinds – antiques – Chinese – glassware – other purposes).

It is known that this stage is the first cause of horror and anxiety from the process of moving furniture or the whole transport, because most people expect to lose or lose their purposes and breakdowns in their electrical appliances and cracking in furniture, all these concerns may not happen from anything if Careful care has been taken of your furniture and proper transportation has been followed.

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