What Are Some Fun Card Games?


Card games have always been the number one entertainment in families and social circles before the days of internet. It does not matter which place you belong to, there will always be a card game that is popular in your surroundings. Here we have listed out a few of the prominent card games around the world and how they have stayed popular over decades.

Teen Patti

This is one of the most popular games in clubs and groups. The game requires a good deal of guess work and risk taking. It involves bidding in points you will catch based on the cards you have in hand. The game depends greatly on reading the body language. It is an enjoyable game and people love playing it in kitty parties and other gaming circles offline.


This is not a game played with the regular playing cards. There are special Uno Cards with which this game is played. This is one of the popular games among children but that does not make it any less popular for adults. The pack includes some wild cards with unique set of instructions to follow. The aim of each player is to finish the cards in the hand before anyone else. The wild cards can help you to skip the next player’s turn, change the colour that is being played, make the next player pick extra cards or reverse the order of the game. This could be an interesting card game you can play for a family picnic as everyone will enjoy it equally.

Mindi Coot

This is a mind game and requires some amount of intellect to succeed. Many families have Mindi Coot as their family card game. The game also involves bidding and it is four player game. The most significant card in this game is 10. Getting all the tens in the deck is one of the goals of the winning team.

Indian Rummy

The game is among the most popular games of India and there are apps like Khelplay Rummy where you can extensively enjoy this game online. The standard variation of the game makes use of 13 cards for each player. The rules regarding the game can be found on any rummy site. The game is known to enhance memory and certain organising skills.


A lighter game among playing cards, Bluff or Cheater Challenge is a game where the goal of each player is to finish the cards in the hand. The game involves a good deal of bluffing and that is why this name for the game. It is fun to play and the winner needs to have a good body language control.


Yet another extremely popular game in the clubbing circles, poker also requires a good deal of risk taking. The game can be learnt through practice.

To win any card game, a player needs to be perfectly acquainted with the cards that are used and what it actually signifies. It is impossible to win the game without this. When you are learning a new card game, here are some things you need to grasp about the game:

  • Number of cards distributed to each person
  • What is the purpose of the game?
  • Is there a role for the joker cards?
  • Are all cards distributed or some are left as the deck in the centre?
  • What are the rules of the game?

Once all this is clear, you can simply watch a few video tutorials of the game to understand the game well. You can then practice the game by playing it online.