What are the 4 key aspects to choose the best mattress?

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Did you know that throughout your life you will spend about a third sleeping? That is, about 27 years. Do you know that quality rest reduces back pain, offers more energy, and better mood throughout the day? But the essential question is – do you know how to choose, and buy mattress online in India among the dozens of types there are – Viscoelastic, latex, continuous springs, HR foam, futons, etc.? Here you will find all the essential information to choose easily.

What mattress to buy according to weight and height?

If you are “wide-bone”, you will need a firmer mattress that offers you a uniform support and avoids the effect of boat. On the contrary, lighter people need a more flexible mattress that distributes weight well. The first thing to consider before buying the best Mattress in India. As for the measurements, the mattress should be at least 10 cm longer than what you measure. In the case of a double bed, the tallest person will serve as a reference.

What posture do you usually sleep in?

If you sleep on your back, you should use a mattress rather hard to avoid bad postures of the spine, especially at the cervical (nape), and lumbar. If you sleep on your side, you will need an intermediate hard mattress which adapts to the shape of your hips, and shoulders. If you sleep on your stomach you could use a mattress rather soft to avoid bad postures in the neck area, and not force too much torsion of the spine.

Do you move a lot?

If you are one of those who beat the Olympic record of spins in bed every night, you will need a rather firm mattress that allows you to move effortlessly. However, something too hard such as a futon will not be suitable, as it could cause you bad gestures when changing positions. In addition, you will need to be a mattress that adapts a lot since you will sleep in several different postures throughout the night.

Mattress breathability

The breathability of the mattress is given by the materials that compose it. If you are one of those who uncover frequently at night, spring mattresses is ideal for them. If you are so hot, you should look at one of the mattresses whose materials act with thermoregulatory function. The ones that best achieve it are viscoelastic, memory foam mattress in India, and pocket springs.