What are the Five Advantages of Online Reviews for your Business


We often find ourselves as socially connected beings more reliant on experiences and reviews of other people who have experienced the product or service we are about to choose. According to a study published by Spiegel Research Center, 95% of shoppers read comments online before making a purchase. This study is more than enough to shed light on how pivotal is the role of online reviews for a Business. Online reviews can make or break the backbone of any online business. We cannot bring ourselves to stop counting on the advantages of online reviews on business and the positive impact it creates on the sales and the reputation of the firm. Since the internet has given a voice to even the most distant customer. We should capitalize on voices that have positive reviews on our business. Online reviews can be used effectively to do marketing that every business should use to their advantage. So, here are five advantages of online reviews that can benefit a business.

Customer Feedback Helps Improve Business:

Be it positive or negative, reviews can contribute to a particular business by encouraging the business or by uncovering underlying business issues. For instance, if there exists some negative review online, it must be considered and analyzed, looking for the recurring factors which can be about a systemic problem with a product that should be evaluated. Or is there an employee who is often being cited in online reviews negatively. If that’s the case, these issues should be dealt with expeditiously to make sure that the brand reputation and quality are maintained at all times.

Social Proof Drives Purchases:

Customers are willing to spend 31% more on a business with excellent reviews according to Invesp. This statistic reflects on the fact that how complying we are with what goes in and is accepted widely in our society or on social media platforms. If there is proof of a review giving positive feedback about a business it will simply kick in a positive chain of sales. Where happy customers giving back positive feedback will reflect in attracting more customers which may soon leave positive feedback and the chain goes on.

More Visibility:

Reviews and ratings help a business rank higher on the search engines. Most customers when deciding what to buy tend to search for any product or services on online search engines like Google and Bing, or even on Facebook. These websites all run in their unique ways of indexing and surfacing content. They all value original and fresh content and customer reviews can be a game-changer when it comes to keeping the brand favored by algorithms.

A Trustworthy Perception:

Credibility is the foundation of any online business. It is often quite doubtful if a website offers incredible deals in name of clearance sale. But one thing is for sure, that seeing positive reviews there is quite reassuring at the time of making a purchase. But these reviews can be used potentially against the interest of one’s business damaging the sales and reputation of the online business. But online reputation management solutions like complaints board and cheaterland removal can effectively help in removing the defaming content.

Improving the Loyalty of Existing Customers:

Once there are enough reviews on your business website or online store it is just a matter of time till a customer starts interacting and sharing their opinions and building a community around the business which in turn promotes loyalty for the brand they have been sticking to. This develops a bond of trust not only between the customer and the business but between the customers themselves.