What Happens During Hair Transplant Consultation?


If you are thinking of getting hair transplant done, undoubtedly it is a wise and huge decision. But it is better to book for a primary consultation before making up your mind. The whole idea behind the primary consultation is to confirm your candidature for hair transplant. In addition, primary consultation could resolve your query whether you need hair transplant or not.  

There are many kinds of rumours prevailing regarding the procedure which needs to be justified for clearing your doubts and expect reality from the procedure. If you really want to have a satisfactory hair transplant outcome, it is better to ask your doubt from the hair transplant surgery during consultation and not relying on what is widespread. 

Medispa clinics for hair transplant in Delhi and Jaipur are one of the fewest centres for hair transplant who offers genuine suggestions and consultation is performed by hair transplant surgeon itself and not some sub qualified consultant like many other clinics. Dr Suneet Soni is very well known for his holistic approach and his keen observation which makes him decide every aspect of hair transplant in the best interest of the patients. His astounding surgical skills and artistic vision has crowned him as one of the best hair transplant surgeons of India. 

Hair transplant cost in Delhi is quite affordable and we offer the best hair transplant results and high quality facilities at an affordable cost. 

To have a prior idea about consultation for you to be prepared beforehand, there is list of points which is discussed includes:

  1. Assessment of past and present medical status to confirm the candidature: Discussion of relevant and thorough medical history is quite important for surgeon to rule out the cause of hair loss. Including, the candidature for hair transplant can also be confirmed. 

Dr Suneet Soni from Medispa clinics believes in delivering genuine suggestion to the patient which is in the best interest of them. 

  1. Scalp examination: The examination of scalp is thoroughly done to rule out certain parameter including:
  • The reasons of hair loss can be ruled out by keenly observing the hair follicles under high loop magnification.
  • Underlying infections can be diagnosed like fungal or bacterial infections.
  • Alteration of hair follicles like thinning or miniaturization of hair follicles is noticed to rule out the genetic cause of hair loss or male pattern baldness. 
  • Hair density is assessed using densitometer for confirming the number of follicular grafts available for hair transplant. 
  • Biopsy of scalp is done to examine any underlying inflammation for ruling out alopecia areata as a cause of hair loss. 
  1. Discussion on the procedure and techniques of hair transplant: Every hair loss sufferer when opt for the procedure could have many ifs and buts associated with the procedure. Thus, primary consultation gives you the chance to discuss all your doubts with the hair transplant surgeon for you to decide better. Including, the hair transplant surgeon will make you aware about the procedures and the techniques of hair transplant
  2. The scrutiny of numbers of follicular grafts requirement in your case: The assessment of scalp is done thoroughly to assess the number of grafts required for harvesting. The final decision of hair transplant technique is made based on the number of hair follicles required. After assessment of the hair density at the donor area realistic expectations by the procedure can be set. 
  3. Confirmed cost of hair transplant: During consultation based on the number of follicular units required for the individual case, the cost of the hair transplant is confirmed. Medispa hair transplant clinic has provided the provision of getting a vague idea for the hair transplant by the graft calculator available on the official website.
  4. Expectation following surgery: During primary consultation the hair transplant surgeon depicts the realistic expectation based on the hair density and texture of the hairs. Dr suneet soni believes in depicting honest and genuine advice so that you can decide better about the procedure. during the primary consultation it is also ben defined that how much after care is required for you for better successful results. 

For clearing your any doubt and for achieving best possible results, book a primary consultation with Medispa hair transplant clinic in Delhi.