What is the Full form of GMAT?


As an MBA aspirant, you might’ve heard a lot about the GMAT exam. Administered by Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), this test is a mandatory requirement for admission in a lot of business schools around the world. 

If you are wondering why GMAT is highly competitive, you must know that several MBA aspirants like you appear for the exam throughout the year. Besides, more than 7000 colleges consider GMAT scores as a criterion for the admission to numerous business programs they offer. The GMAT exam measures your knowledge in basic Maths and English as well as your logical and analytical reasoning abilities. 

GMAT exam can be challenging for many owing to the high competition and the types of questions asked in the exam. However, if you are able to get a stellar score, it can do wonders in your academics as well as in your future career trajectory. Besides, your performance in the GMAT shows schools you are able to succeed in the course of your choice. 

Once you decide to appear for the GMAT exam, you must be well aware of the GMAT registration process to avoid last-minute confusions. Let’s take a glance at the registration process. 

GMAT Registration

GMAT registration is open all round the year. Hence, you can appear for the exam anytime, any day of the year, whenever you are ready. Here are the steps through which you can register for the exam.

  • To start the registration process, first, you have to create an account on mba.com, the official website of the GMAT. Once you create an account, you’ll be redirected to a page, wherein you have to fill in your personal details like name, email address etc. 
  • Once you finish filling in the personal details, you’ll be redirected to a page, where you have to enter information regarding your academic qualifications and work experience.
  • Then, you can select your preferred date and time slot for the exam. You can choose either an in-center exam or an online examination.
  • Verify all the details, and schedule the exam.
  • Once you are done, pay the registration fee.

You’ll receive a confirmation email upon registration, which means your registration is complete. The registration fee for GMAT in India is USD 250 or 18,500 INR (approximately). You can pay the registration fee using a debit or a credit card. Don’t worry if you are unable to attend the exam due to some unforeseen circumstances. GMAC has a provision for that. However, you might have to pay a rescheduling fee to select a new date for the exam. 

So, now you know about the GMAT exam, the GMAT full form, the exam registration process and more. Consider all the above information before registration to avoid any possible mistakes. Once you finish the application process, come up with a plan and start your preparations. We wish you the best of luck for the exam and your future!