When browsing in a marijuana dispensary’s menu, you may have come across buds labeled as premium quality flowers. There is a whole lot of difference between the dry and brownish bottom shelf weed and the premium-quality buds. As the name suggests, premium quality flowers are the best kind of buds you will ever find, with more potency and strong terpene content. It comes at a premium price compared to the other types of buds at the dispensary.

So what makes premium-quality buds the most sought-after buds in the green dragon dispensary central Denver? Find out why.

The seeds

There are multiple cannabis strains, and each comes with its set of genetic profiles that determines its properties and potency. Growers need high-quality seeds from breeders to produce premium quality cannabis. Sourcing quality seed with unique genetic profiles is the only way to ensure the resulting product has a high potency, features a strong flavor, and a distinctive aroma. High-quality seeds are usually tested to ascertain that they produce quality genetics in terms of terpene and cannabinoid content hence premium-quality buds.

State of the art growing capabilities

Growers have to monitor every growing aspect of a high-quality cannabis plant. After selecting the seeds, they are germinated and regularly monitored for the right balance of humidity and temperature, steady water levels, and maximum light to prevent any possibility of compromising the plant’s genetics.

When the seedling germinates and enters the vegetative stage, the grower uses carefully mixed nutrients under optimal conditions up to the flowering stage, whereby the trichomes start to form. Terpenes, THC, and CBD, come from thetrichomes of the cannabis flower.Finally, the grower needs to harvest the flower at the ultimate time for the best potency, taste, and aroma. The drying, trimming, and curing process is also critical to preserve the good qualities of the flower.

Many growers for premium quality cannabis utilize indoor grow rooms to monitor and control the growing environment perfectly. In contrast, outdoor plants may be exposed to weather extremes ruing the good properties of the plant.

High potency

Today, many Marijuana consumers in Denver want more than the high they get from smoking cannabis. Apart from good quality seeds and state-of-the-art grow techniques, another thing that makes premium-quality buds stand out from the rest is the high potency. The buds provide a great smoking experience depending on the strain. Some provide relaxation benefits others uplift the mood and energize you, while others offer healing benefits like pain relief.

What consumers want in the industry drives innovation. Premium buds producers employ scientific research and qualitative experience analysis to create ideal buds that offer consumers a high-quality experience.

The bottom line

While the regular buds in a dispensary can provide an affordable smoking experience, especially for beginners, premium buds feature the top award-winning strains. They are sealed to preserve aroma and freshness. They feature dense buds covered in crystal trichomes, an indicator that the weed is the freshest and the best in the market. Low-quality buds can be drier and harsh to smoke, but premium buds provide the ultimate smoking experience.