What Should You Know Before You Place Bulk Orders For Thread Gauges?


Are you planning to place bulk orders for your thread gauges? What should you know before placing bulk orders for your thread gauges? If you are ordering your thread gauges for the first time and if you are not sure whether you are treading in the right direction, here are a few important factors for your consideration.

Not all thread gauge suppliers in the industry are equally dependable. Even though all of them claim that they are the best suppliers of Whitworth thread gauge and other thread gauges, you cannot just go by the claims made by these manufacturers or suppliers. You will be able to get the true picture of the quality of the thread gauges offered by your manufacture only be checking what other customers who have ordered the thread gauges from the same manufacturer or supplier has to say. You can find out whether your manufacturer really delivers the finest quality thread gauges or whether they live up to their promises. If the manufacturer only makes empty promises but does not deliver on the promises then it would be evident from the customer reviews and ratings.

You should also know whether your supplier has their own manufacturing units and if not then you should look for companies that actually manufactures the thread gauges and thread taps that the sell. When you interact with a manufacturer directly, you can sample their quality and you would know what to expect. The manufacturer will also provide you with a more accurate picture on the timeline. If you deal with intermediaries, they will be shuffling between multiple customers and they may not provide you with highly dedicated services and they could delay your orders. In order to secure your order they would have given faster turnaround times but they can deliver your thread gauges only when their manufacturer delivers to them.

If you want to improve your overall quality of the thread gauges that you order, you should not just rush to pick your manufacturers. Take a considerable amount of time screening and reviewing your manufacturers. They should be able to offer you custom thread taps and thread gauges. Their turnaround times should also be fast. It is much easier to order your thread gauges from a manufacturer in China at a low price. The labor costs in China are very low compared to the US or other European countries. As a result they are able to give you a good rate but at the same time just because you are paying a low price, it does not mean that you will be compromising on the quality of the thread gauges you order.

Before you place the order you should get written assurance from your manufacturer on the delivery timeline. Also, if required your manufacturer should also be able to provide you with third party independent calibration certificate from a certified lab. Keep all these factors in mind when ordering your thread gauges.

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