Why U. S. Importers Should Partner with a Customs Broker


U. S. companies import trillions of dollars of goods every year from countries across the globe. The availability of goods and their proximity to the country’s domestic shipping and distribution sites means a lot of companies here use imported products to help grow their businesses. Engaging in global trade and importing foreign goods allows businesses to take advantage of the availability of diverse, higher-quality, and lower-priced goods. And to make sure these imports are streamlined, companies usually hire Clearit USA customs brokerage services.

What Does a Customs Broker Do?

A customs broker works with a business to make sure its import shipments meet all the requirements set forth by the U. S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). They will conduct CBP business for the importer and complete all tasks like finalizing paperwork and getting a CBP bond. 

 Moreover, customs brokers can offer a company some advice and guidance to prevent or resolve issues they may encounter during the customs clearance process. With their services, importers reduce their chances of facing issues such as goods misclassification, documentation mislabeling, and incomplete and missing or limited documentation. Such issues could lead to the shipment provider being fined, penalized or forced to forfeit goods. And when these goods are withheld at the U. S. border, the domestic company won’t be able to get their shipment on time. An experienced customs broker will communicate with all government agencies to confirm that all procedures are correctly followed. 

How a Customs Broker Can Help Protect Your Business?

By working with a customs broker, you prevent your business from accepting shipments that commit customs fraud. Without them, your company could fail to accurately represent your shipment by wrongly declaring it. Undervaluing goods is a serious offense as it tries to lessen the fees paid to the importing country. Also, you could face fraud charges if you misclassify your goods and incorrectly mark the country of origin. 

Swift Customs Clearance

A customs broker will facilitate customs clearance for imports into the U. S. They are familiar with how goods can be qualified as formal entry shipments. For shipments that qualify as formal entry goods, you must offer a surety bond, complete extra forms, and pay a Merchandise Processing Fee. 

If your conduct business across a spectrum of legal, financial, and geographical areas, you need to collaborate with the right companies. Partnering with a reliable customs broker lets you acquire the knowledge, resources, and technical expertise of professionals who understand how to attain your goals.