Why You Need to Continue Pest Control in Winters Too!


It is a widespread misconception that all kinds of pests go into hiding or simply die as the temperature starts dropping. The truth is, rodents and crawling insects make their way into your house to escape from the chilling weather. 

Despite popular beliefs, pest problems are an all-year-round problem, and neglecting them in the winters can lead to severe infestations. If you need more information about the dangers of pests in winters, the team at Leon Valley pest control shall help you. 

Reasons to continue pest control during winters 

  • Pests love warmth. 

Bugs and rodents hate winters, which is why they love the warmth they receive by staying inside your house. Making a nest and living in your walls, floorboards, attics, and basements is preferred more than the bleak outdoors. Therefore, pest control is necessary to address any termites, cockroaches, or carpenter ant infestations.

  • Rodents can get in through the smallest of holes. 

In the chilling winter weather, rodents seeking warm shelter can get inside your house through the smallest of gaps, holes, cracks, and crevices. It is essential to address these problems and seal all entry points. 

  • Wood destroying insects do not go away in winters. 

Termites and carpenter ants are the biggest culprits for destroying wood furniture in houses. Although termites will leave you alone in winters, carpenter ants remain active. Like most pests, carpenter ants go dormant in the cold weather. However, if they find ideal living conditions in your house, they will keep their activities going throughout the winter. 

  • Rodents seek shelter during the cold. 

Winters are a difficult time for rodents. The weather is spine-chilling, and food is scarce. In such conditions, they will naturally seek shelter in warm places that provide them easy access to food, such as your house. These pests can squeeze in through a gap as thick as a pencil and create a nuisance. 

  • Spiders can seek shelter in your attic. 

Spiders, like other pests, hate winters and seek warm shelters. They often spin their webs in the attics and leave their egg cases there. As the weather becomes warmer, these webs and egg cases can become the foundation of an emerging infestation.

  • Prevention is better than cure. 

Preventing a problem before it occurs is better than finding a solution to fix the problem. Instead of waiting for these pests to cause damage and diseases, you should call professional services to eliminate the chances of an infestation completely.  

Winters and the holidays are the time to enjoy yourself with your family and not worry about dirty, disease-spreading pests. Keeping your house clean and up-to-date with professional pest control services provides an added sense of protection. Even if you think there are no pests in the house, conducting an inspection does not hurt.