3 Facts About Courtney Whitmore the Teenage Protagonist of DC’s Stargirl



In 2020, the hit web television series “Stargirl,” based on the comic of the same name created by Geoff Johns (also the producer of the show), premiered first on DC Universe, then aired on television on the CW Network. It was received with enthusiasm, its popularity leading to it being renewed for a second season as a CW original, the first episode of which was delayed but is now set to be aired in August 2021. The show features a superhero named Courtney Whitmore, a teenage girl who fights crime alongside her stepfather Pat Dugan. For those of you who skipped out on Season 1 but find yourself curious now that Season 2 approaches and want to learn more about her, here are some interesting facts about the protagonist of “Stargirl,” the titular Stargirl herself from both the show and the comic.

  1. She Wasn’t Born With Powers

Courtney Whitmore was just a regular human before discovering a box of her stepfather Pat Dugan’s possessions dating back to when he himself was the sidekick to another hero. Here, the story diverges a little from the comic to the book. In the original comics, Dugan was the sidekick to the Star-Spangled Kid, who wore the Cosmic Converter Belt. Courtney initially found this belt, which granted her physical enhancements such as super strength. Later on, Starman gave her the Cosmic Staff, which added to her abilities.

In the show, there has currently been no mention of the belt. Instead, Pat Dugan is depicted as the sidekick of Starman, who is stated to have originally gone by the moniker of the Star-Spangled Kid, combining the two into one character. Courtney finds the Cosmic Staff, and it is from this item that all her powers (gravity manipulation, energy absorption and projection, etc.) derive. 

  1. She Dated Shazam in the Comics

Also known as Captain Marvel, Shazam was secretly a teenage boy who could turn into an adult powerhouse with powers from the gods by saying the word “Shazam!” He briefly dated Courtney in the comics but faced problems because other heroes, unaware of his secret identity and real age, found the relationship inappropriate. As a result, they broke up and a later reboot completely eliminated the relationship. 

  1. She Featured in a Couple of Episodes in Justice League Unlimited

The 2004-2006 animated show featured many characters from the DC Universe. Though not one of the main or recurring ones, Stargirl did make an appearance. One particular episode presented her as originally antagonistic to Supergirl before coming to respect her by the end of it. 

Stargirl is a fascinating, previously less well-known member of the D.C. Universe whose character may only continue to find more fans.