5 Easy Ways to Become a Better Public Speaker


Many of the people are reluctant and hesitant to give presentations in schools and colleges. Why almost every educational institute focus the student to give a presentation, and many have the scoring system? Because they want to boost the confidence of students and this skill is a must for professional growth.

To learn how to master the Public speaking skill you should follow the pioneers like Karen Mccleave Crown Attorney and others. Karen Mccleave is a professional with extensive experience as a lawyer and advisor, she is also known for the public speaking skills, and she loved to work for the child and family welfare and developed expertise in governance, by-laws and policies concerning not-for-profit agencies.

Even if you haven’t participated actively yet, this is the right time, start learning this skill to beat the competition. You can join the courses or seek help from the professional to polish your public speaking skills. 

Gather all the relevant information:

You are giving a presentation at the educational institute, in the office or to the stakeholders, be very sure of the information you are representing. What will happen if you represent the wrong information at the conference where your boss is present? Either you will get the warning letter or in the worst case, you may end up losing your job.

Dispensing incorrect information will invite a bad reputation for the professional and for the whole organization.

Be well prepared and have an in-depth analysis of what you speak:

You don’t have to speak just for speaking things. Don’t talk rubbish, arrange the sequence, and maintain the flow of the speech. What if, you have to give a presentation on any process and the sequence of steps are not in order, it will bring the chaotic condition and leave the people in confusion.

Also, people will ask you questions in case of doubts, don’t get stumped rather face all the queries with guts.

Be interactive:

Try to ask the questions in between every topic, it will make the session more engaging and people will actively participate. Avoid making it monotonous, only listening will make the people tedious and many may lose interest after a while.

Asking questions will ease your nervousness and make others comfortable, make the session as friendly as possible and let everyone enjoy it, don’t give them a chance to consider it as a liability or attending it half-heartedly.

Watch your recording:

Rehearse and record it. Don’t worry, even the high-paid stars have to retake the shots, again and again, they also tend to do mistakes? Watch yourself; note your facial expression, the way you speak, and body language.

Practice many times till you are satisfied with the performance. This is the best way to overcome your weakness.

Pete Rose an American former professional baseball player says, “My father taught me that the only way you can make good at anything is to practice and then practice some more.”

Do not let nervous take-over you:

It is normal to have the pounder heart, and in some cases, nervousness is natural, but make sure that you do not forget the content and concepts.

Learn to overcome it and do not let it ruin your presentation.