6 Options of Souvenir from Labuan Bajo, Indonesia


Traveling and souvenirs are two interrelated things. For some people, when going to an area, bringing gifts for relatives or relatives becomes a habit that should not be forgotten. Although not everyone has the same thoughts, there is nothing wrong with buying local food or goods.

Indonesia is a country with a very diverse culture. Therefore, each region has its characteristics and gifts. Like one of them in the district located on the western tip of the island of Flores. If you are planning a vacation to Labuan Bajo, here are recommendations for typical Labuan Bajo souvenirs that you can bring for your family and relatives.

  • Songke Cloth

Labuan Bajo’s typical Songke cloth can be an alternative souvenir that you need to bring to your hometown. This Songke cloth is made by female craftsmen from West Manggarai Regency, Flores, with various motifs such as Wela Kawong, Ranggong, Mata Manuk, Jok, Su’i, Wela Runu, and many more.

Songke cloth can be used by various groups, ranging from children to adults, both women, and men. Usually, Songke Fabrics are used as scarves, shoe decorations, complementary motifs on bags, key chains, and everyday clothes. The uniqueness of the motif on the songke cloth will make you look more relaxed.

  • Pearl Craft

As a marine tourism destination, Labuan Bajo is quite prominent in pearl production. The pearls are then processed into necklaces, bracelets, rings, and bag decorations. These pearls have various qualities and prices. For those of you who like local knick-knacks, this pearl craft should not be missed.

Many female travelers make this Labuan Bajo pearl as a souvenir or personal accessory. For those of you who are planning to travel to Labuan Bajo, you can use this pearl as a gift for your loved ones in your hometown.

  • Flores Coffee

Flores coffee is a mandatory item that must be included in your souvenir list. Flores has various types of coffee with a distinctive taste. Such as Flores Bajawa Coffee, Wae Rebo Coffee, Ruteng Coffee, and Manggarai Coffee. In Labuan Bajo itself, the coffee that is quite popular is Manggarai Coffee. However, there are also other Flores Coffee.

Manggarai coffee has a soft taste with a sweet fruity aroma and a sour sensation of coffee. The combination makes this coffee taste so delicious. In addition, the Manggarai coffee from Flores is relatively light and low in caffeine, especially the Arabica type.

This typical Flores coffee has always been the target of travelers. Many coffee shop business people have turned Flores Coffee into a business field in their hometown. Not only as souvenirs, but Flores Coffee also brings benefits to you.

  • Kompyang Bread

Kompyang bread comes from Ruteng. However, because the tourist center of Flores is located in Labuan Bajo, you will quickly get Kompiang Roti at the gift shop or food shop there. This bread is round with a sprinkling of sesame on top. The taste is savory, and the texture is very soft.

Kompyang bread is very suitable as a breakfast dish. Even some hotels in Labuan Bajo and Ruteng City have provided this bread as a breakfast dish. The best way to enjoy it is to bake this bread that has previously been smeared with margarine. Eat while warm and feel the savory and delicious sensation!

  • Rebok Snacks

Rebok is one of Labuan Bajo’s specialties made from rice flour and grated coconut. Rebok has a powder-like shape and has a taste similar to sagon cakes from Central and East Java. Generally, rebok is used as a bread topping and eaten mixed with sweetened condensed milk. You can also make rebok a compliment when eating bread for breakfast or fried bananas in the afternoon. This Rebok snack has a unique and delicious taste. If you are on vacation to Labuan Bajo, you must include this food in the list of souvenirs for relatives and relatives in your hometown.

  • Banana Cake Labuan Bajo

Banana Cake is made from processed bananas and mixed with cinnamon, brown sugar, and walnuts. The raw material for making this cake comes from Manggarai. Banana Cake can be enjoyed anytime, but it is more suitable to be eaten for breakfast or when relaxing in the afternoon. Accompanied with Flores tea or coffee, the more complete! Banana Cake, you can easily find at Komodo Airport. Besides enjoying yourself, don’t forget to bring it to your relatives at home!

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