6 Reasons why you need a business app for your barbershop


Advancement in technology has largely affected the way business is done and therefore in any type of business you want to start, embracing technology will improve your sales thus high profits. Barber business is such a popular one. In a given town, the number of barbershops can be three-quarters of other businesses and therefore if you want to shine, you need to be very innovative and this is where a business app for your barbershop comes. Research shows that over 60% of the world’s population is connected to the internet and two thirds of these own a Smartphone. You can only tap into this market through introducing technological innovations like an app for your business.

Why sit and watch your business go down through stagnation? Continue reading and see the gains of having an app for your haircut business. 

Make reservations easily

Mobile reservations help in booking appointments with clients making it possible to get as many clients as possible and also reducing the time spend calling clients on the phone. A client will only need to upload your app in their mobile gadget and go to reservations option to book an appointment.  You can imagine how many people would want to have such convenience.

Appointment reminders

This is done through the use of push notifications. Here you can send remainders regularly to your clients about their appointment with you. It enables you to manage your clients and avoid colliding two or more customers hence ensuring each client has ample time to be attended. This helps in attracting as many clients as possible.

It helps save style libraries.

By uploading these styles in your haircut app, clients are able to go through several styles both existing and new hairdo styles, and be able to choose the one that befits them. This can divert clients into your business even from your competitors hence increasing customer numbers.

It helps save customer photos.

Your clients can take a photo and send to you then save in the business app gallery or you can take your customers photos after serving them and save them in your business app gallery. These photos can be used to enhance your business testimonials which are available to anyone accessing your app hence increasing the number of clients in your barber business. In addition, these photos can be used by your existing clients in future to remind them of a style they did at a certain time and they may want to get a repeat.

Loyalty programs

This application will help you give incentives to your clients and thus entice them make more visits into your shop. Here you don’t need to print those time consuming and costly cards. Your mobile device will do the work for you.

Enables referrals

With a business app in your barbershop, you or your clients can click, post and share with other people or friends the testimonials and photos of your barber business. This promotes the business hence gaining more income.

If you are in a haircut business, it is obvious that the competition is tough. Get a business app today and see it grow tremendously.