6 Showstopping Venue Decoration Ideas To Jazz Up Your Wedding


Have you recently got engaged? Congratulations to you! What next? Upon getting engaged the very first thing that crosses a couples mind is booking of the wedding venue. The wedding venue plays host to the myriad of wedding ceremonies and rituals. Every couples aspires to tie the knot in a mystical place offering a picturesque view amidst a fairytale like setting. The other wedding attributes like selecting of the wedding dress, booking the caterer, planning the guest list can wait but the booking of the wedding venue needs to be given top priority. 

During the wedding season every couple has got their hands on booking the best wedding venue. Are you planning to tie the knot in the industrial hub of Punjab? You must be then in quest of the top wedding venues in Kolkata Have you found your perfect wedding venue? Looking for ways to add oodles of charm to your wedding? Booking of a mystical wedding venue is not the only task. Even the perfect wedding venue without the right décor would seem dull. Wedding decorations are what adds oomph to the wedding. It is what adds more charm and beauty to the wedding venue. Looking for ways to spice up your wedding venue decoration and separate your wedding from the league. Here are some of the best wedding venue decoration ideas that would jazz up your wedding.

  • Fairytale Chandeliers

Are you having a fairytale wedding? Add a dreamy element, a dash of romance to your fairytale wedding  with the incorporation of chandeliers. Illuminate the wedding venue with the flickering light of a chandelier made of fairy lights. The statement chandelier paired with the mystical ambience and perfect décor makes your wedding to look no less than a fairytale come true.

  • Blossom Trees

Having a spring or a winter wedding? Tying the knot in country house or farmhouse with high ceilings and grand interiors then make most of the venue space by incorporating tall blossom trees as part of the décor. One can opt for real or artificial blossom trees on the basis of the budget. In case you’re getting hitched in a place with humid climatic conditions then it is advisable to opt for artificial blossom trees as real ones would wilt away with time. The blossom trees make the venue to look visually appealing and also give the wedding a romantic and fairytale finishing touch.

  • Starlit ceilings

Always loved the starry nights then why not make the idea a part of your wedding venue decoration? Make your wedding venue to look magical with twinkling starlit ceiling décor. For starlit décor you hang fairlights and lighted hanging lanterns to the ceiling and dim the venue lights to give an impact of a starry night. Let the first dance be magical as you add oodles of romance to the décor with starlit ceilings.

  • Silver Candelabra

Remember the Disney fairytales where the dining table was lit with candles placed on candlestands? The candlestands added romance to the dining scene. There is something surely bewitching about candle stands that they give a magical vibe. Turn the reception of your wedding into a luxurious affair by placing chic and stylish silver candelabra on the reception tables. The shiny silver candelabra complement the venues decoration style. Adorn the candelabra with elegant roses, garlands of crystals and softening Gypsophila to enhance its overall look.

  • Flower Frames


The timeless charm and sheer beauty of flowers never seem to fade away. Flowers are a girls second love the first is obviously diamonds as they are forever. No matter whether your tying the knot indoors or outdoors why not frame the precious moments with flowers. Give your precious moment a dreamy look with a floral frame. The floral photobooths are a budget friendly way of adding oomph to your wedding.

  • Bunting

A perfect way of adding oodles of charm to a country wedding is with bunting décor. Buntings have a vintage charm and using them as a décor prop enhances the beauty of wedding venue.

Which décor idea are your bookmarking for your wedding? Tell us about your choice in the comments below.