Advice to follow while buying Travel Insurance for Germany


Planning for a trip to Germany can always be considered wondrous opportunity; a country full of castles and lip-smacking food like this one should be on everyone’s travel bucket list. But while packing your stuff and planning your trip, don’t forget to include your travel insurance in the checklist of important items. Being in Europe’s third largest country and enjoying the world famous cuisines is a lot more tempting with that extra layer of safety that travel insurance provides.

Tips to be kept in mind while buying Germany travel insurance

  • Health: The topmost priority of our life cannot be shunned; there are chances of you getting caught with some health issues while travelling to a foreign territory. These issues may be certainly due to climate changes, the temperature variation between India and Germany being around 15 degrees Celsius. So, in order to avoid the financial impact that these can have, a travel insurance policy providing the most health benefits should be preferred.
  • Visa: Applying for visa may require your travel insurance, though it varies according to the type of visa you opted for.
  • Services: Always compare the services and amenities provided by different insurance companies. Germany Travel Insurance generally includes services such as, coverage of lost baggage, flight cancellation, etc. So, go for company offering highest coverage range
  • Costs: The most crucial discussion needs to be done on the finances, as Germany’s cost of living is considerably costlier than that of India. Different policies from different insurers should be collated on the basis of the coverage provided in order to remove all unexpected financial losses from the picture as this could cost you heavily in times of need.
  • Third party: If going through any travel agency, you should properly check whether the agency is managing the insurance part or not. You should also analyze the benefits it is providing you along with the costs associated. The most viable option should be chosen in order to have a safe and healthy journey.

Things to be taken care of while in Germany

  • Food: Food in an alien land might not suit you, so one should always check the ingredients before eating. Mainly, vegetarians should take care of the content at every place in Germany as it harbors a pre-dominantly non-vegetarian cuisine.
  • Cash: Though there are cards or online payments almost everywhere, you still might need to have some cash in your pocket if you find yourself at some small shops.
  • Water: There are extra charges for water everywhere in Germany, so you should think twice before buying it in the go and rather would benefit from carrying drinking water from your hotel or place of accomodation.
  • Hire a local guide: It may seem adventurous to get lost in the woods and have a crazy experience, but it won’t be a pleasant experience if not able to find the way back. So, it’s always best to hire a local guide for the tour.