How to Save Money on Health Insurance Plan


Health is every human’s most valuable asset and it could be dangerous to take any risks with this asset. Putting in layman’s language, there should always be some extra layer of protection present around a human’s life. One can’t really always carry those heavy shields in order to be safe but could probably opt for health insurance. Health Insurance can’t really prevent you from getting involved in any accident, but could act as a helping hand after your accident. Basically, it involves covering your hospital expenses when you need them the most. Not only medical expenses, there are other expenses too covered under this insurance.

Tips to find the best insurance policy

  • Companies: Initially, researching on the reputed companies is a preferred aspect before taking up any policy. There are numerous companies selling insurance policies but not everyone is on the same page while providing quality services. Companies should be compared on various backgrounds and thereafter the decision should be taken. Well known companies, who have been in the competition since long time, such as Bharti AXA should be given a thought.
  • Policies and premium: There are numerous policies being offered by the competitors in the market, each of them should be compared and also the premium attached with every policy should be kept in mind.
  • Co-payment: Various insurers urge the holders to pay a fixed percentage of medical bills at the time of claiming. Generally, the companies demanding no co-premium should be selected.
  • Expenses covered: The expenses to be covered under a policy should be properly analyzed while opting for a policy. There are numerous plans covering different amount of expense. For instance, Critical Illness Cover by companies, like Bharti AXA, covers not only the hospitalization expenses, but provides the policyholder with the lump sum amount equal to the amount insured. So, the policy with the maximum benefits and add-ons should be opted.

Tips to save money on health insurance plan

  • Low cost: The policies low in cost should be evaluated to save on your pocket but another thing that should be remembered is that it’s not necessary that cheap also means a yield of good returns. A policy which is both a money saver and offers good returns should be preferred.
  • No claim bonus: There are insurers providing the facility of accumulating your insurance amount if you choose to renew the policy with the same insurance company without making any claims in the previous year.
  • Adopt healthy practices: Healthiness goes down as the age factor goes up; perhaps reflecting the old age saying, ‘Health is wealth’. Healthy practices, such as, walking, playing, jogging, and eating healthy should be brought into life as soon as possible.
  • Get insured at an early age: Insurances at younger ages are affordable and perhaps younger age is the best time to get yourself insured. With aging, the hospital bills rise, and therefore, the preparation for the same could be done in advance.

Clearly, health insurance plans are a profitable investment to your very own life and should definitely be kept in mind while assigning your finances.