As we start to age, the collagen production in the body goes down and the skin starts to lose elastin. This gives rise to saggy skin and fine lines and makes you look a bit older. The stress of the Pandemic world only adds to it and it begins to show on the face now more than ever. It is only natural to want to look more youthful and regain the tightness of the skin which once was. Facelift Toronto is the procedure that you should consider undergoing if you want to look youthful again. As times have changed and social distancing is now the norm, the world has moved to e-consultation over video calls. Book your e-consultation with your surgeon today and they will guide you through the whole process of a facelift procedure. If you have been wanting to undergo the procedure, here are some criterion that you need to fulfil in order to be the ideal candidate for the procedure.

Over-all Good Health

During your consultation, the surgeon will ask you about your medical history or any ailments that you might currently be suffering from. It is best to be honest with your surgeon about this, as it can have an impact on the procedure and possibly even give rise to serious complications. Basic medical tests like blood tests, X-ray and a possible ECG may be carried out to ensure that you are in the optimal health condition to undergo general anaesthesia, which is a requirement for the procedure.


When one is planning to undergo any plastic surgery, there are certain expectations that one has in mind while approaching the procedure. It is crucial that you discuss your aesthetic goals and expectations with the surgeon very early on in the procedure so that you are mentally prepped with regard to the potential results. Once you have done that the surgeon may even suggest some other procedures that you could pair up or opt for that will help you to achieve the aesthetic goal that you are aiming for.

However, expectations should be manageable. It is crucial that you know that the procedure can’t make you look 20 years younger. Though it will make you look considerably more youthful, it can’t turn back the clock. The procedure will also make you feel more confident. Opting for an experienced surgeon may even add to the results and make them look more natural.

Taking Time off

The facelift procedure is a surgical procedure which requires a certain amount of recovery period during which there might be a need for you to be tended towards. You will have to take some time off work to be able to rest properly so that you get the best out of the procedure. There are certain post-operative instructions that will be provided to you which you need to follow to the T. They will help you to get the optimal results and sail through the recovery.