Best Instagram marketing Trends


2019 has been marked by lots of improvements and advancements on the marketing sector with more people focusing on building brand reputation rather than just creating sales. Times are changing and unlike before when people would just post content and get audience, things are not normal nowadays. You have to be creative and plan ahead while using user-generated data to know what to post. What are some of the trends you can follow for marketing in 2019? Below are some of the points that will help you overcome and become a well-known brand.

Stickers Have Become a Common Engagement

People used to showcase engagement through likes and shares on Instagram but now things have changed. Emojis are widely in use because people are able to express their interests in a manner that is more specific. Comments are no longer that common especially compared to stickers. You may find that a person is following around 10 posts at once so commenting on all these could lead to a lot of time wastage and energy. When you measure engagements, don’t just look at the likes, consider even the expressions so that you know how many people you are influencing.

Brand Authority Comes from Reputation Not Good Posts

If you though you could use your creativity to create positive impressions through posts, you are wrong. First, work on building your reputation from your consumers and the moment people know that you offer the best products in the market, you will not even have to market. People will follow your account without being influenced as long as your products are excellent and beyond standards. Always make sure you update your product quality every now and then for you to stand a chance of making more people to love it. An example is when you offer the best photography services around your area, definitely many people will like you a lot.

Tracking Return on Investment from Instagram

This is the new way to ensure you have an excellent accountability of all the investment you put on social media account marketing. Whatever money you pot on PopRey  will always bring something significant for your business. The inquiries and purchases that were triggered from Instagram can be tracked and revealed so that you know all returns on investments at all times. Always make sure you track people who inquire products from your Instagram handle so that you know how much you get from social media accounts.

Instagram is more like a social necessity for every business so that customers can know your social media office. Unlike before when marketers would use some convincing words to generate sales and profits, nowadays people are used to those tricks. You need to work on your product and ensure it us up to the required standards for people to be able to buy from you. In fact, as you market your products, you get reviews from clients which could make you rise or put you down. Always make sure your products standout from the rest.