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Mumbai has a collection of jobs available in every sector, every industry. It is known as the dream city of India for a reason. Since it is one of the largest Indian destinations, Mumbai has plenty of opportunities for Airport jobs as well.

When it comes to airport jobs, most people assume it includes being a pilot, or a flight attendant. However, that is far from reality. In fact, with the rise in air travel, it takes a whole team of professionals to get an airport to fly as well as land safely. An airport functions just like any other corporation, they need a variety of employees for a variety of airport jobs.

In fact, many airport jobs do not have a strict qualification requirement either. There are many job opportunities for freshers who have just passed their 12th. Check out the latest airport jobs in Mumbai for 12th pass.

Here is a list of jobs at the airport for you to explore:

Ground Staff or Ground Crew

Ground Staff looks after a bunch of things at the airport. Such as the safety and comfort of passengers, assist in checking in baggage or providing any kind of information. They also assist disabled passengers, especially when they are traveling alone. They also confirm reservations and sell airline tickets. In addition, ground staff also have a bunch of duties at the aircraft. For instance, it is their responsibility to clean the aircraft before and after a flight. They also help in stocking the aircraft with refreshments.

While the eligibility might vary from one airline to another, airport Ground Staff is one of many jobs where the minimum eligibility is 12th standard in any stream from a recognized institution. However, you need to get trained in aviation to give your very best.

In recent years, major metropolitan cities like Mumbai provide great options for not only aviation training but also airport jobs. Discover other airport jobs in Mumbai for 12th pass.

Passenger Service Agents

Passenger Service Agents might have some similar tasks when compared with the ground crew. However, these professionals usually work directly with customers and take care of their needs before anything else. They do not operate on the aircraft either. Their duties mainly involve issuing refunds to passengers, calculating fares, making and selling tickets, managing charges for excess baggage, checking baggage, as well as providing any travel-related information to the customers.

To qualify for this job, the candidate must be at least 18 and must have a high school diploma or an equivalent of the same. Since most of their time is spent dealing with customers, passenger service agents need to have great communication as well as interpersonal skills.

Reservation Sales Agents

Many people favor arranging their tickets through an airline reservations agent rather than through a travel agent. Reservation sales agents are responsible for giving any travel information over the telephone to customers. This information, in general, covers, trip planning, car rentals, seat availability, fare information, schedules, tours, meals, as well as any other information that is relevant to the customer’s flight. Additionally, these agents offer flight reservations as well as accept phone payments for ticket purchases.

Most reservation sales agents are located at an airline office, not necessarily at the airport. Operators need a telephone headset and use one of many airline reservation systems on a computer network. The minimum requirement for this job is a high school diploma or an equivalent. Just like a passenger service agent, reservation sales agents also need to interact with customers on an everyday basis. Hence, strong communication skills are a must.

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