Complete Your Jewelry Collection with Chocolate Pearls Accessories for Any Occasion


Chocolate pearls are trending the pearl industry. These pearls are fascinating to look at and complement any type of apparels. The downside is that there are extremely rare to find.

Chocolate Pearls as Necklaces

Chocolate pearls can be found in Tahiti in their natural undyed colour. Freshwater and saltwater pearls are coloured treated or dyed to get the chocolate brown colour. Their sizes range from 9.0 to 14.0 mm. A chocolate pearl necklace will look good on both formal and informal outfits. You can go for different versions such as a single strand one or layered ones. You can even opt for the cluster versions wherein these pearls are combines with white pearls to create intricate designs.

You can either opt for a single necklace or go for the set version to finish your collection. Chocolate pendants will also complement silver and gold chains. You can experiment with various accessories to get the right match for your outfit. Dark chocolate pearls can be worn for business or formal occasions to create a positive impact on your audience.

Chocolate Pearl Earrings, Rings and Bracelets

Any outfit is not completed with earrings. You can match your chocolate necklace with chocolate pearl earrings. If you look online, you might come across a variety of patterns and design. You can opt for:

  • Hoop Styles
  • Pearl Drop earrings
  • Teardrop Earrings
  • Chocolate Studs

You can pair your earrings with chocolate bracelets and rings. Bracelets can be delicate single strand that can suit thing hands. If you have broad hands, then you can opt for multi layered versions.

Be a smart buyer when it comes to pearls. If the pearls are similar in shape and size, then these are the treated versions. Pearls accessories tend to be expensive, so you might want to take good care of them. Ensure that you clean your chocolate pearl accessories with a clean damp cloth.


Keep them in a pouch to avoid scratches or damages. One tip that you might want to keep in mind is to wear the accessories after you are done with your makeup and perfume. In this way, the pearls will retain their shine and lustre.