6 Amazing Ways to Inculcate Social Skills in Your Child


Have you found that your child is shy and cannot make friends fast? You can help her. Make her confident enough with these tips and tricks which will make it easy for her to make new friends.

1. Teach Him to Say Hello

Encourage your kid to address people, new or old, to say hello with their names. If the other child is new, he should ask for his name.

Lovingly explain your child how she should introduce herself and ask for others’ introduction. Avoid comparing to other children saying how smart they are to approach new people.

Don’t expect your child to become bold in a day. It may take several months for him to get courage to stand before others and talk.

Neither consider it as your fault, nor blame your child. Have patience and give your child the required time.

2. Take Small Steps

Don’t give too many instructions to your child at a time. Instead, expose her little by little each day to social situations. Provide your parental support while doing so.

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You can even take your child on a short walk to the ice cream parlour with your immediate neighbour and her child.

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3. Activities to Boost Friendship

Your child doesn’t need to be shy for being unable to make friends. He may need a help to form his view towards friendship.

There is also a range of ways to provide her opportunities to connect to other kids with similar interests.

Read friendship stories to your child. Kids tend to learn a lot when you read stories to them. Get books that contain stories of friendship, sharing and compassion.

Discussing about the characters, their emotions and the outcome of the story will help your child know how to be a friend.

4. Play Games

Games that are to be played by multiple children are an excellent way to help your kid learn how to wait for turns which is important for being a great friend.

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5. Helping Others

Kids learn to care, empathise and consider others’ perspectives by taking part in activities that are meant to help others.

You can start by asking your child to help you in simple chores, such as collecting unused toys for children’s hospitals, designing a get-well card for a sick friend or helping you cut cookies for a neighbour.

6. Be a Role Model

You can help your child develop social skills by becoming a role model for him. Also, you should praise your child whenever you see him showing friendly behaviour, like taking turns and sharing.

This way your child will get encouragement to continue and repeat the good behaviour.

Wait patiently and treat your shy child lovingly to inculcate social skills in her and you’ll surely get positive results.