Difference between Premium Economy and Business Class Flights


Whether you travel once in a while or are a frequent flyer, opting for a better class is something that everybody prefers. So, if you want to upgrade your travelling experience in an airplane, you can well do that by booking premium economy class flights or business class flights. But deciding which one to choose can be a difficult question if you don’t have an idea regarding it. Don’t worry, you can follow our guide below and you will soon be accustomed to both concepts.

When I wanted to elevate my travel experience, I was quite puzzled regarding which class to choose from. Having a bare minimum idea about the classes, I browsed through the website of Intermiles, learned about the classes in detail and then booked my airline tickets after being well informed. Basically, Premium Economy Class is an upgraded level of Economy Class in an airplane. This segment is designed to provide a better travelling experience to the flyer by offering upgraded seating arrangements and additional services. On the other hand, the Business Class is a top-tier segment that is made to provide exclusive seating arrangements to the flyers. Additionally, this segment comes with lots of unique facilities and has more to provide than the Premium Economy Class. So, this is the main difference between the two, however, to know more about them, read the guide below for detailed information.

Seating Arrangement

Choosing Premium Economy Class seating arrangements will allow you to seat more comfortably. The seats in this segment are a bit wider and have more legroom if compared to Economy Class. Additionally, the seat in the Premium Economy Class can be reclined more which helps you in stretching instead of seating for too long.

The first and foremost thing about a Business Class seating arrangement is that you can lie flat. Yes! You can seat and sleep comfortably and they also offer pillows and a duvet when you need them. Also, the seating arrangement is done in a way of the cubicle to provide you with more privacy. Some other facilities that come with the seating arrangement in this segment include bigger entertainment screens and noise-cancelling headphones.

Amenities and services

Most airlines have a cabin allocated for their premium customers with facilities like curtains for added privacy and generally fat around 40 passengers. In the case of opting for a double-decker 747, the Premium cabin might be on the upper deck which can give an extra classy feeling. Then, there are dedicated flight attendants for providing a more attentive onboard service. The other things that are offered to the passengers include priority boarding and priority check-in.

In this class, passengers can enjoy exclusive facilities like a dedicated check-in desk, baggage allowance and baggage handling services. Besides, the cabin is quiet, private and small. There are a selected few flight attendants who take care of all the needs of passengers and provide more attentive services. Apart from that, you’ll also get some extra facilities like classy magazines, champagne and towels to make you feel relaxed.

Food and Dining

In the Premium Economy segment, the airlines have elevated the quality of food and facilities. Most airlines arrange for plates and cutlery so that you can have your dinner at ease. Additionally, sometimes they even include food items on the Business Class menu and the overall quality of food are great. However, some airlines do not deliver the food and snacks to your seat instead they arrange it in a little area from where you can take your food independently.

When it comes to Business Class, you can have a fine dining experience. They offer a wide range of meals which are prepared by world-class chefs and also serve an exhaustive range of drinks. In some cases, they even arrange for pepper shakers and miniature salt to complement the food. The best thing in here is that they serve the food on the plate according to your need and preferences rather than bringing it all at once.

Cost of Traveling

The cost of travelling in Premium Economy Class is comparatively less than business class. However, the actual cost can vary depending on the airline services you choose for your travel. Travelling in Business Class means you have to pay a lot more money than Premium Economy Class. Signing for this Class means you don’t have to worry about your luggage as the dedicated staff will take care of all your needs and requirements.

Premium Class has all the standard features that are required for travelling and is a good option for those who need to travel once in a while. On the other hand, the exclusive features of Business Class are a perfect match for those that love to have a classy ride or need to travel often for long distances.

All in all, you won’t go wrong with whichever you prefer but figuring out the difference can improve your travelling experience. And once you figure out what you need, simply book airline tickets for having a memorable trip to your next destination.