Discover 5 All Natural Pest Control Options You Can Try on Fleas

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Do not be surprised if you discover an infestation of fleas in your home, particularly if you share your space with pets, since this is a frequent condition that requires treatment. Fleas are very annoying and challenging to get rid of since they burrow into carpets, furniture, and every nook and cranny of space. Learn here some all-natural pest control options that can help you eliminate fleas from your home swiftly and permanently.

Where Do Fleas Come From?

Most people are concerned about fleas and ticks, which feed on warm-blooded animals’ blood before dropping their offspring into the wild. Both may be managed with relative ease. Fleas have shown to be very resilient as parasites since their evolution from scorpionflies in the Jurassic Period i.e., around 150 million years ago. Since then, they have been sucking the blood of various animals and birds. Flea bites seldom result in anemia, although they often cause itching and subsequent bacterial or yeast skin infections.

All Natural Pest Control Options You Can Try on Fleas

  1. Using baking soda.

Sprinkle some baking soda on the floor, scrub it, and then vacuum it up to eliminate the fleas hiding in your carpet. Similar to how routinely cleaning your carpet may help keep pests away, vacuuming your upholstery can also keep them away. Examine and clean the spots where your pet usually sleeps with extra care. Fleas can spread illnesses to people; therefore, it’s important to clean the area thoroughly.

  1. Using salt.

Salt also achieves its results similarly to baking soda but to a lesser extent. Most researchers claim that sprinkling salt on carpets, waiting two days, and then vacuuming away the resulting debris can help swiftly eliminate fleas. How does that work? Salt is able to eliminate fleas and other pests since it is a dehydrating agent.

  1. Using soap

You can eliminate a minor flea infestation by washing your linens in hot, soapy water. In addition to killing adult fleas, the soap will also destroy flea eggs and larvae. Do the same with your pet’s bedding.

  1. Using rosemary.

This method has a greater chance of being successful due to the strong, pungent rosemary smell that repels fleas. Boil some rosemary in water and let it cool in the fridge overnight for it to take effect. After that, transfer the liquid to a spray bottle.  Spray a small amount of this natural solution over your pet’s fur during its next bath, and the fleas will be gone.

  1. Using a vacuum cleaner.

While steam cleaning may be quite successful, regular use of a strong vacuum is equally important for keeping your house clear of fleas.

You Can Count on Life After Bugs.

We hope our recommendations are of use to you. However, the efficiency of these approaches relies on several circumstances, such as the extent of the infestation. We recommend that you book an inspection/appointment with Life After Bugs if you have a significant flea infestation in Houston, Texas. We cherish our customers, so you can count on us for the finest pest eradication services.